RPL petition against religious symbols worn by Canadian cabinet ministers



2016-02-05 02:49

No religion should be promoted by government employees, wearing a turban shows a blatant disregard for the neutrality of our secular political system.



2016-02-09 14:45

I signed the petition because I believe in our freedoms for or from any religion. I believe all religions and all politics from the national federal level down to the local municipal township level should be separate. Religion is a personal preference and should be kept in the private home or their place of congregation only. Wearing any types of religious symbols, from materialistic clothing's to jewelry's should not be forced in the present of the public knowing they may have opposing views on such personal preferences, especially in the places of public governing state. Secularism ideology is the fairest path to follow to allow for both freedoms for or from any religions.



2016-02-09 16:49

I believe that religious symbols should not be used in the day to day practice of our democratic institutions. I would go further and say that I that civil servants should be required to refrain from expressing religious allegiances when performing their jobs as religious groups often espouse rules and values that contradict the mores, values and laws of our society. We risk having these religious groups having undue influence on reproductive rights and other civil rights issues.



2016-02-09 23:32

I believe that religion does more harm than good. I am therefore opposed to all expressions of religiosity, because they represent attempts to validate it.



2016-03-04 21:23

Unlike citizens of the united states many Canadians are unaware
of the details within our Charter, and may even believe otherwise.



2016-03-25 17:29

The issue should be brought to the attention of all Canadians, maybe this petition will help to do so.

Not only should the Canadian government not display religious symbols, every time I see one of their turbans, I wonder how much their religion is affecting their thinking.



2016-04-08 16:04

Enough is enough; we are to protect us from religiones and their demands for changing hour world of freedom



2016-07-12 01:59

The best protection for your religion/view is keeping the gov't neutral/secular.