Hull College Girls Centre Of Excellence,

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2011-06-08 09:19

Great a total worthy cause.


2011-06-08 09:21

Save Hull



2011-06-08 11:28

This centre must not die. The best bar none!!!



2011-06-08 15:13

I too have a very distressed daughter who now does not know what the future holds for her. What a shame the East of England yet again gets missed out of the National picture in terms of female football and outstanding talent



2011-06-08 23:27

Please Sign :) Thanks. Megg



2011-06-09 10:14

Mutual support from a parent of a Watford CoE graduate. Closure of CoEs at places like Hull, Watford, Crewe, Reading, Fulham, Charlton and Notts Forest is conclusive proof that the idiots at the FA really have lost the plot. As the supporters would chant 'You don't know what you're doing!'

Demonstrate against the FA and expose their folly in the media.
The FA's 'Your Kids, Your Say' Roadshows is the opportunity to have our say.

Let Tesco, one of the FA's big sponsors for kids/youth football know what is going on by writing to Ian Crook Tesco Director of Marketing.



2011-06-09 10:17

Good Luck.

United we stand more chance of success. If you haven't done so already, please also sign the Watford and Crewe petitions.



2011-06-09 11:03

For my niece who attends the Hull College Girls Centre of Excellence.



2011-06-09 19:45

i hope everything goes okay :) lol xxxxxxx


#10 hull lol xxx

2011-06-09 19:46

i hope everthing goes okay :)<3


#11 millie to cauren and to save hull<3

2011-06-09 19:47

this is for cauren my bestern!!! and to save hull!!!<3



2011-06-09 23:14

good luck cauren xx



2011-06-10 10:51

wishing you luck with this petition. hope the f.a. give Hull their license.F.a.should think if it works dont break it. Come on F.A. think twice.



2011-06-10 10:57

Good luck Cauren and Hull Girls Centre Of
Excellence. Hope things go well Hull needs this
Centre for all us Girl footballers in the area.
Come on everyone support them.



2011-06-10 11:06

geographically there is no Centre Of Excellence
in the East Riding at all. What is the F.A. trying to do? Wipe talented girl football players from Hull area
off the map.

Shame on you all at Womens F.A.



2011-06-10 11:10

good luck. remember united you stand - divided you fall.


#17 From the Watford CoE petition comments page

2011-06-10 13:32

We've just heard that a brilliant female footballer, with the utmost humility, who played for Watford with our daughter, AND who successfully played for England, has now decided to hang up her boots and not play anymore! There's not many like her out there, so shame on you FA, shame on you!!



2011-06-10 18:18

Empathy from all the girls, coaches and parents at Crewe Alex CoE closed in the cull too. Will forward your petition link on to all our parents too. Bring back all the closed CoEs for the good of the womans game.



2011-06-10 18:30

Help Crewe Girls too, we want all our centres back



2011-06-10 18:55

As the parent of a girl who played for Crewe Alex girls CofE I totally understand how you are feeling at the moment.



2011-06-10 20:32

Lets hope the FA do a rethink, and reinstate the Hull COE, absolute disgrace!
FA has given us exactly that (sweet) FA!!!!!



2011-06-10 20:39

my daughter played for the centre its all plotics all i no is the devastating effect on everyone in such a great club save our centre



2011-06-10 21:40

Good luck to Bev, Meg and all involved. GG xx


#24 Re:

2011-06-10 23:49

#23: -

cheers hun xx



2011-06-11 01:49

Sending support from parent of a Crewe Alex player - now also without a team. We want more opportunities for girls to play football - not less ! Good luck !