Open letter to the Prime Minister and the Government of the Republic of Poland



2016-02-23 20:26

It seems like a fantasy story, that the "evil masters" have decided to prevent good honest farmers from selling their produce to the public direct. In Britain, we have wonderfuil ancient traditions that support this access to local good food, which continue to this day, and are now expanding as Farmer's Markets and Farm Shops. What is the problem with retaining this principle in Poland? Is there some pressure from supermarkets chains to stop the competition? Or some other equally corrupt reason?



2016-02-23 22:18

Farmers are the backbone of any Country, and are very practical people, and for that matter many Farmers are the originators of good ideas and  inventions for their industry, as they have time to Think,  therefore they are worthy of consideration . A country with prosperous farmers,  will result in a healthy economy for all. Linked with that , the Country's Governing body should own the Main Credit Making Bsnk, or Reserve Bank. This should not be a Private institution.



2016-02-23 22:34

Because I believe passionately in diversity and small farms help to preserve that, while factory farms destroy it.


2016-02-24 00:10

Solidarity. It can be done again. Stay strong, Polish farmers.



2016-02-24 10:57

Poland should not make the same mistakes Britain did in promoting policies that destroyed small farms and made us un-sufficient in food nationally and dependent on imports. Smaller farms which sell straight to the customer are proven to produce higher yields overall and make better use of the countryside, as well as the aesthetic and ecological benefits.



2016-02-24 12:12

I support small, independent family farmers as better stewards of the environment than agribusinesses are.



2016-05-12 18:48

stop NWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!