Protest Against Closing Down the Lukács Archive

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2016-03-10 14:49

I condemn this act by the Hungarian government.



2016-03-10 15:13

Next year I will be a PHd candidate at Yale university in the Slavic Languages and Literatutes department. Lukács is my intellectual idol and his work is seminal to my doctoral research. Closing off this resource will be of dire consequence to any scholar working in the humanities. Please do not close down this invaluable resource and permanently damage one of the most important intellectual legacies in Hungarian history.



2016-03-10 15:15

Lukács is one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century and a foundational influence on critical theory throughout the world. The range and depth of his intellectual endeavours and political activities are rarely surpassed by any other individual in quality or quantity. His archives ought to be considered a world heritage, not closed down.



2016-03-10 15:27

UC Berkeley Alumnus in Philosophy



2016-03-10 15:30

I'd prefer helping petitions against the oppression of true education and information. I'm not quite informed what and who this is specifically for, but I think it goes against what encourages enlightenment for people.



2016-03-10 15:49

Lukaćs is an important intellectual whose archives must be preserved.



2016-03-10 15:50

This is an invaluable collection for researchers the world over, and also an important historical site of the 20th century. Please continue to keep the archive, and Lukacs, open to the public.



2016-03-10 16:15

Nosotros, los abajo firmantes, queremos expresar que estamos sumamente preocupados por la resolución de la Academia Húngara de Ciencias de cerrar el Archivo Lukács en Budapest. Görgy Lukács, uno de los filósofos más importantes del siglo XX, fue un prolífico autor cuya obra abarca no solo filosofía, sino también preocupaciones políticas, teoría literaria, sociología y ética. Autor de renombre internacional, Lukács representa una de los puntos intelectuales más altos e importantes en la historia de Hungría y su trabajo constituye parte del tesoro de la humanidad. Durante décadas, el Archivo Lukács facilitó el acceso de círculos, tanto académicos como no académicos, a documentos relacionados con la vida del filósofo y a archivos profesionales. Situado en la casa del gran autor húngaro durante los últimos años, el Archivo ha servido también como un lugar para la memoria, para recordar a una personalidad decisiva de nuestra era. Por todos estos motivos, solicitamos a las autoridades a cargo volver a considerar la decisión que tiene a la comunidad artística y científica internacional consternada y entristecida.



2016-03-10 16:18

I signed this not because I agree with every word that Lukáks wrote or every action he took but because he struggled with some core ideas to do with the production and consumption of literature. By locating literature in and part of history and class-in-history he made a major contribution to a debate that goes on today. He offered a blueprint for how a particular kind of literature can (he said 'should') reveal the cultural, political and historical origins of the characters it shows us and in so doing reveal the workings of society as a whole. All criticism which engages with these kinds of ideas owes at least something to Lukacs's work.



2016-03-10 16:31

1984 remains in force



2016-03-10 16:36

The Lukács Archiv is an important part of Hungarian historical memory and hence of European and world history as well - it must be saved.



2016-03-10 18:05

Because Luckac's archive is important to our understanding of the role of art and aesthetics in society



2016-03-10 19:46

The loss of the Lukács Archiv would be a profound blow to the international community of scholars and to European intellectual history.



2016-03-10 20:59

Lukács was one of Hungary's most rigorous, insightful, and brilliant thinkers of all time. Closing down the archive of this world-renowned thinker would be a cultural crime.



2016-03-10 21:08

When Georg Lukács was arrested for his participation in the Hungarian rebellion of 1956, a KGB official asked him if he had a weapon. Lukács calmly reached into his pocket and handed over his pen. He's been dead for 45 years but the authorities still want his pen. Anyone who supports freedom of speech and opinion ought to resist this.



2016-03-10 22:21

György Lukács is such a significant figure to western philosophy and literary criticism that he should be treated as one of Hungary's national assets. The Archive is a significant resource for the study of Lukács and should be preserved.



2016-03-10 23:01

I've read some of the work of Lukacs and think it is too important to lose.



2016-03-10 23:30

I fully agree with its assessment of GL and his importance and would encourage the Hungarian authorities to support his archive, and maintain it as a part of the national cultural heritage.



2016-03-11 01:06

To lose this knowledge, a lot of which hasn't been translated and thus read by audiences of other language-speakers, would be a complete shame.



2016-03-11 01:19

i can't find a source confirming this censorship is in fact happening.



2016-03-11 02:35

Lukács's life and work remain vital to an understanding of the last century, the specifics of Hungarian politics and culture, and so much remains to be studied and translated. --Benjamin Parker, Asst Professor of English, Brown University


2016-03-11 04:32

Lukács was one of the most harmful intellectuals of the 20th century.



2016-03-11 07:51

Lukács' writings and political work have played a central role in the 20th century, in the history of Hungary, Europe and beyond that. His work should not be forgotten. It continues to inspire today. The disregard for truth, and for the practices in which it can be attempted, that Lukács experienced more than once during his life continues today. Those in charge of this decision could know better. It is not too late.



2016-03-11 08:39

Because it is an incredibly useful rescource



2016-03-11 11:36

Close Orban and jobbik instead. FCK NZS

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