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2011-07-15 19:33

You omitted any criticism or condemnation of Boko Haram.

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2011-07-15 21:38



2011-07-15 21:39

The president is already doing everything you enumerated. Moreover what were you thinking when advocating for the withdrawal of JTF? Can you tell us how to differentiate BOKO HARAM members from innocent citizens?



2011-07-15 22:11

This is the voice of the people. We know this is a very tempting period for the nation, but with God and our combined efforts, shall overcome.



2011-07-15 23:34

I pray Mr presidents urgently on this petition.

#6 Re: boko haram

2011-07-16 00:20

#4: -

the kanuris are going to end up with a number of children 9 months from now...ask liberia...ask niger delta...should the jtf withdraw? absolutely was a long time coming...the provocation, killing of innocents, a direct challenge to the state must stop...the jtf should stay as long as it takes...or borno should be expunged from the map of nigeria...i await the population boom next year...



2011-07-16 00:58

Do som'en pls..Asap mr president



2011-07-16 01:27

This is the right thing to do. For every crucial problem we need a crucial intevention. Boko Haram cannot hold the whole nation into ransom. Whosoever is their leader should stop this rubbish now.
What is the Boko Haram gain if innocent souls are been killed fo nothing. If it is true that they serve God , they should pity innocent children and powerless people.
The government should do something about this before it becomes another thing.

#9 No Dialogue with terrorist...

2011-07-16 03:05

I sympathize with any innocent live lost... I believe such killing can never be intentional. However, I want to ask; where were you guys all the while that innocent people were being bombed by these BH guys??? When corp members were murdered in cold blood??? When churches were bombed and burned??? Also, after withdrawing JTF, what happens next??? Probably, these BH terrorist should continue with their hunting spree of gunning down Police men??? Your petition holds no ground!!! I suspect these petitioners to also be affiliated with the BH (Boko Haram) terrorist group!!! Now, people are fleeing your state which is in a way good for you guys... SOON THERE WILL BE NO HIDING FOR THEM!!! YES, by the time the population of people in the state reduces, then there will be no hiding for these blood sucking BH demons!!!


#10 Re: The Presi..........

2011-07-16 03:09

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R u saying its right for everyone in Borno State to be killed because there is no way the JTF can differntiate them from innocent members of the society? Sorry to say, but u a VERY heartless man n may the President be protected from ur likes for u portend danger to Nigeria n its citizens. Shame on people like u who v no interest in peace!!!



2011-07-16 03:23

Please lets us all learn to value the sanctity of life!

#12 Let's remain focused and be real ladies and gentlemen.

2011-07-16 03:58

This petition is simply a call to the President to ensure that the agents of government do their work as best as possible. I sympathise with the people of Bornu for this is not only their problem but ours in general as a nation. Peace is priceless. Innocent lives should not be lost in the process, although such is virtually unavoidable in times of violent engagements like this. The real criminals, the so called Islamic Sect should be the focus of all our outrage and condemnations not the innocent struggling civilian. Government must work, and work well. May God Almighty come to all our aid in such a time of calamity. God save Nigeria and all Nigerians!



2011-07-16 06:10

This petition generally captures my concerns about the chaos in the North. Nigerians shall not continue to be harassed by every perceivable rag-tag concoction in the name of addressing silly interests that are in the first place, selfishly parochial while Gov't authorities feign complacence. The need for positive result-oriented action is now.
true nigerian

#14 Re: Re: boko haram

2011-07-16 07:35

#6: TATA - Re: boko haram

na ur mama jtf go give belle! can u hear yourself talk? u bigotted pig!



2011-07-16 09:25

I totally agree with petition. The government always seem to have a fire brigade response to crises. It is time that solutions are well thought out rather than this policy of shoot at sight both the guilty and the innocent.



2011-07-16 11:03

It's high time the Leadership of Nigeria accept full responsibility and make the life of every Nigeria a priority . Nigerians are not sacrificial lamb. Enough is Enough. The President must act now or else Nigeria may soon become another Egypt or Tuninia, a word is enough for the wise.



2011-07-16 12:21

Violence must stop. We need peace in this country. We say YES to peace and NO to violence n destruction of lives n property. Lord help!



2011-07-16 12:39

The best way to restoring everlasting peace in Maiduguri is to withdraw all the soldiers and negotiate with these people and compensate for everything they have lost.''Peace cannot be kept by force'' Albert Einstein. Thanks and God bless.



2011-07-16 14:27

Want to see that what is happening in Maiduguri is stopped immediately.

#20 Re: TATA

2011-07-16 14:38

May God inflict on your community and family a worst and more grevious calamity, heartless beast!



2011-07-16 14:46

The following statement credited to the Commander must be investigated: "Genocide? It's all nonsense! Borno elders should also ask Borno officers like ...Umar, Musa, Shuwa, Kyari, Abacha, Daggash, etc for their roles (1967-70). Unlike us Maimalari, Kur and Largema, rose meteorically, yet never wore my rank. Was it not the Borno officers worth than their feudal colleagues of Hausa-Fulani that engaged in a vengeance, committed genocide against innocent Nigerians during the civil war. My loyalty is to the C in C and to the COAS! The elders should cooperate with us or shut up"... Major General Jack Nwachukwu Nwaogbo, Borno JTF Commander, reacting on call for troops withdrawal



2011-07-16 15:33

Please Federal Government listen to your people, killing innocent Nigerians is not the answer
Kenn Emetulu

#23 Re: The alleged comment by Major-General Jack Nwaogbo

2011-07-16 15:58

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 Yes, please Guest 21, where did you get that quote supposedly from Major-General Jack Nwaogbo? I have been investigating it, but can't seem to see it anywhere. Please, help. because if it's true the implications are dire! Help by giving me a link or any kind of evidence of where he said it. Please!



2011-07-16 16:12

It is incumbent upon the Nigerian Civil Society to rise up to it's calling and begin shaping the direction of our country's growth for good! When civil society sleeps - so too does our future sleep. Wake up and support good civil action; NOW!

#25 A gathering of the confused

2011-07-16 16:24

A conference of the confused, when did the Government's remedial actions become the problem over the murder of innocent people by Boko Haram ? why not adress a pettition to Boko Haram to stop the killings