Wysiging van wet op Munisipale belasting vir huureiendom

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2011-07-18 22:52

This will negatively affect the rental property availability in South Africa.



2011-07-19 11:20

These increases will be passed on to tenants who are already under financial stress



2011-07-20 11:16

Please sign this petition



2011-07-20 12:00

Baie van ons senior burgers doen verhuring om hul pensioenfonds aan te help. dit maak dat hul onafhanklik vn hul kinders en ook die staat kan wees. Waarom hierdie geleentheid van hul wegneem?



2011-07-20 12:07

We are already paying taxes over our heads!
This should not be allowed to be passed!



2011-07-21 17:23

This is the left wing trying to reditribute wealth by upsetting the balance private enterprise. They can not show any wher where weal;th has bee redistrbuted, only poverty has been distributed by the socialists