Save the Historic Terrace Theatre

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2016-07-15 13:00

Please HY VEE, please allow the Theater to stand, incorporate it into your internal store theme, it would be fantastic to see.
Save the Theater or me and my wife will boycott your store.

Scott Rode



2016-07-15 13:09

There must be a way that we can have both...after all the Terrace was there first! What a shame the City Council of Robbinsdale would allow the historic landmark be taken down. It's time to make the Terrece Theatre the high point of Robbinsdale again!

Mary Betlach


2016-07-15 15:35

I have given my support to saving the theater. I have many memories fo Saturday afternoons there. My first date was there.

I read the prospectus for the new store, and what it would take to fix the theater. There is asbestos and lead paint in the building. The way it is now it is unsafe for occupants.

Yes, it would be very nice if the grocer would incorporate the theater into their plans, but who would be paying for the refab? That area of Robbinsdale is slowly being forgotten. A new shopping area would revitalize the entire area. 

The theater should never have allowed to decay to this point. It would still need help, but if it had had work done over the years the cost now would not be as prohibitive for new owners. 

At this point I don't know if I can still support the saving of the theater.



2016-07-20 12:25

I would like to respond, but I was kind of told since I do not live in Robbinsdale, stay out of it.