Song release - SISTAR's ONE MORE DAY Produced by Giorgio Moroder

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2016-10-10 13:50

Its a rare opportunity for Sistar to be able to collaborate with a legend in edm music and its such a waste for not releasing it digitally.



2016-10-10 14:07

Starship is not doing a good job managing sistar.



2016-10-10 14:46

I love SISTAR - especially Hyolyn. The song needs to be released as soon as possible. Such an excellent song should be released together with a one-time special music video. STARSHIP DO SOMETHING!



2016-10-10 15:38

it should not be kept in starships dungeon and this song is really amazing it needs to be recognised even knetz liked it??? justice for sistar


2016-10-10 18:33

#OneMoreDay ! Let's stand up for more opportunities and better treatment of SISTAR! I and many others have had enough. I love supporting the girls but I hate to use my hard earned money and time to fund this company that have lost sight of their potential and worth.



2016-10-11 12:30

Because Starshit isn't releasing the song



2016-10-21 08:33

I really love the song and I would like Starsghip, Sistar and Giorgio Moroder to receive praise and love through the release of this song.

#8 One More Day - SISTAR

2016-11-02 12:05

This has number one written all over it. I'm a big fan of both the artist and the producer. How can this not be released??


#9 Re: One More Day - SISTAR

2018-04-10 18:30