Protest Against Closing Down the Lukács Archive

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Interrested party


2016-10-18 10:52

What? This google translate makes no sense, maybe just give a short description of it?



2016-10-18 21:59

What does this mean?
Is the Archive temorarily or permanently closed?


2016-10-29 02:34

wtfffff!!! This is rubbish and I doth protest!



2018-01-13 19:48

Dear Zsuzsa:

Would it be possible for you (or someone) to provide a more accurate English translation of the October 18, 2016 interview with Laszlo Lovasz, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, quoted in your January 13, 2018 post? The current translation is almost impossible to understand. This obviously is a very important issue for those of us who are Lukacs scholars, or who may wish at some point to make use of the valuable resources of the Lukacs archive.
Also, is there anything else that those of us who sign this position can do to preserve the archive in a way that all the materials are secure, available to qualified scholars, and free of any kind of political manipulation or misuse by state, government, or any other individuals who might want to block their access/use?

Thank you and sincerely,

Dr. Michael J. Sukhov, Ph.D.
Berkeley, CA, USA
Stephen Squibb

#5 Seconded

2018-06-13 21:16

#4: -  

I would like to second this question. Please let us know if any aspect of the archive needs a home for whatever length of time. My senior colleague in the English department here at Harvard has volunteered help if we can just get clear on what is needed.

Stephen Squibb

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