Eastvale Ban: Multiple & Short-Term Renters in Single-Family Home

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2016-10-30 23:00

I live amongst birthing homes on my street with 3-4 pregnant women per house. Our city has not had the ability to rid of us this issue as of yet.



2016-10-31 20:03

I share the sentiments of the author of the petition.



2016-11-01 06:33

Coming to this country for the free citizenship is wrong.



2016-11-01 06:37

We have several birthing homes in our community. I am against birthing home and went them removed.



2016-11-01 09:50

I am sick of birthing homes in my neighborhood. It should be outright illegal and and enforceable



2016-11-01 09:52

Birth tourism is very real and very here. Its gotta go.



2016-11-01 17:28

I just hope something can be done!!



2016-11-01 17:46

Group homes; birthing homes, etc...bring values down in our neighborhoods. It has been shown to be a safety issue as well.



2016-11-01 17:54

It creates a risk of undocumented, unidentifiable renters living in the city and a great risk of crime rate going up as well as for the local kids.



2016-11-01 17:59

It is an encouragement for people using the tourist visa as a gateway, birth US citizen babies, apply for immigration benefits, human trafficking, illegal workers, with no legal identities but most of all.. may even create a great risk for the local home owners and kids



2016-11-01 19:16

We don't want to have birthing dens living in our neighborhood just people can have their newborns have a u.s. Citizenship.



2016-11-01 21:09

I dont agree with the birthing homes in my community.



2016-11-02 03:22

I live in Eastvale so does my daughter and her family and her neighborhood happened to the were the birththing mother are staying. Also i am concern that after the baby is born, im affraid that they will apply for medical for the new baby Tax payers will be paying



2016-11-03 01:08

To protect my city I live in.



2016-11-03 19:10







2016-11-04 19:59

Because I want to protect our city from renters who don't care about where they live and don't care about what there property looks like.



2016-11-05 06:03

im not in favor of birthing homes!!



2016-11-05 21:56

I am in support of the perdition



2016-11-06 00:51

Great call



2016-11-06 03:15

We had a short term rental with multiple renters that were growing marijuana and who knows what else. Very shady people and they also had connections to the birthing houses here in The Enclave as one of the birthing house people were together at the drug house.


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2016-11-06 07:22

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 no birthing houses!



2016-11-07 02:46

We pay one of the largeest tax rate in Southern California. Eastvale didn't have any discaimers of this type of business or lifestyle allowed in our community.  As a citizen of this community,  its an injustice for us homeowners to be paying  the price for this inhumane way others choose to live.  What happened to bring rated #1 city to live in. we deserve better Eastvale.



2016-11-07 23:54

This is outrageous, these Morhers pay a substantial amount of money to live in one of these homes, then they lie to the hospitals about their income so the hospitals lose out? Purposefully come to the US have their children I don't blame them for wanting a better life, but follow the laws.



2016-11-09 21:36

For the safety of myself family and neighbors and our city .
Should know who is living next-door .



2016-11-11 01:51

I agree with the author of this petition. Further, we should also include banning owners or renters from running an unlicensed business and/or one that does not meet code or zoning requirements from their homes.