Stop plans to build homes on Green Belt at Lye Green Nr Chesham

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2016-11-15 11:37

I do not think enough effort is being made by councils to make efficient use of brownfield sites when building new homes.



2016-11-15 12:07

Ye Gods! Traffic between Berkhamsted and Chesham will become unpassable.



2016-11-15 13:15

Chesham infrastructure, roads, rail, medical, schools along with wildlife would all suffer further in this Historic town which can not cope now with the capacity.
There are plenty of Brown field sites closer to the Town Centre which should be looked at first before the Green Belt is given up! Local hamlets of Lye Green, Orchard Leigh for instance would be merged into one due to this Urban sprawl and the Openness of the Green Belt would disappear.

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2016-11-15 16:00

#1: -  Thank you.  Please make your views known to the Council via the various options on the Chiltern Council Planning website. - see where there is a response form & an email link to the Planning Team.

Also visit regularly to see what we are doing.  The website is not full built yet but there will be regular updates & advice there soon.




2016-11-15 19:36

Disgusted by the lack of due process. England's Green Belt should remain protected. There are other brownfield sites available to use for new homes.  Road and transport infrastructure cannot accommodate the level of development sought in the area.



2016-11-15 19:43

We feel the green belt should not be touched.also the influx of traffic to this area and chesham would be far too great to cope with.



2016-11-15 19:55

Wish for green belt to remain. Enjoy our beautiful countryside which is why we have chose to live where we do



2016-11-15 19:56

This building plan is totally unacceptable, why does Chesham always have to put up with most of the South Bucks development. It is NOT right.



2016-11-15 22:04

I feel very strongly & passionately about protecting the beauty of our countryside, farmland & green belt .. if we don't fight for its survival who else will. Once it's gone it'll be gone forever .. how dare we let that happen. 



2016-11-15 22:26

Can't believe the powers that be think destroying our small and dwindling green belt is their only option. Surely they can be more creative eg: put every car park underground and build apartment blocks above them. Just for example



2016-11-16 06:45

I might not live in Chesham but I was born and bred there, still go to Chesham several times a week and do not want to see the countryside ripped apart by money grabbing builders and councils. Greenbelt seems to mean nothing anymore - HS2 also ruining the area. Also how on earth will the roads and facilities cope with all the extra traffic and people?! Ashley Green residents should also be concerned, the increase of traffic will be increased for those traveling to access the A41 and motorways beyond.



2016-11-16 09:44

This is an appaling place to add 900 homes. no infrastructure and no ability to add the infrastructure. the roads, scholls, doctors surgeries and rail do not have any more capacity for all these extra people.



2016-11-16 10:17

Because my house is directly affected by the proposed development.. As it backs on to the site..and I feel strongly that the site is too big as well as otheri ssues

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2016-11-16 11:28



2016-11-16 12:23

The proposal would increase the population by a significant proportion .The medical services ,the roads ,traffic density at certain times and sewage disposal services are at capacity now. Hence a vast amount would have to be invested in these services.

In addition many further school places would have to be provided.



2016-11-16 12:55

I cannot explain how appalled I am by not only the development plans but the inadequate communication by the council. As a local resident it feels wrong that I have received no notification yet friends on the other side of Chesham (who may not be so greatly effected) did. The looming deadline for objections to be submitted seems unacceptable for the level of notice we've had. That aside, people have chosen this area to live in because of the natural beauty and splendor that the green belt land offers. Whilst I appreciate the need for more housing, why can more appropriate land not be used as suggested by several already? I cannot help but question the point in protected land if it's not protected at all.

It's worth noting the obvious at this point. Chesham can barely handle the level of traffic at present. A development of this size in this area will only exacerbate such a problem.



2016-11-16 13:07

Apart from the fact that the intention is to be build 900 homes, think of the traffic problems this is going to cause.
I would suggest there will be the best part of 2000 more vehicles in the area.
There are also plenty of brown field sites available, as can be seen with the construction that has been carried out in the area over the last few years.
Enough is enough!



2016-11-16 15:30

I believe that the Green belt and farm land should be protected for food security and for the environment.



2016-11-16 17:02

I strongly disagree with building on greenbelt land in general. The proposal for Chesham as a whole, is outrageous. Considering the current road infrastructure and issues with adequate School spaces and employment within the area. There simply is not the space for over 1000 new homes, we must improve and develop what we already have before even considering building to this scale, it really is ridiculous.



2016-11-16 17:13

Chesham is over populated as it is and it's not just housing they want to put on this area.lots of people walk there dogs here and I see lots of wildlife too.



2016-11-16 17:42

Chesham has not the infrastructure to cope with this



2016-11-16 18:46

To preserve our outstanding countryside, and the fact that Chesham cannot handle to traffic it has at the moment due to the topography of the local area.

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2016-11-16 19:00



2016-11-16 19:23

Lived in this area for many years & just don't want areas like Lye Green to be swallowed into one big town



2016-11-16 19:30

Because the whole idea is just ridiculous.