The Case is Altered should not be renamed.

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Gill down under

#26 Thank you

2017-03-06 21:07

Great news for people power and many thanks to Greg for taking the time, effort and initiative to start this campaign.



2017-03-06 21:08

Best news. Now, on next visit to homeland I can again pop into the 'Case'



2017-03-06 21:56

Thanks for your work with this petition Greg. Will definitely make it a port of call when next in U.K. No date as yet but on my 'bucket list.' Regards, John in Auckland,NZ. Born and bred in Northwood Hills.



2017-03-07 00:14

well done for organising ....



2017-03-07 10:42

Well done Greg. Your tenacious spirit won the day.



2017-03-07 10:46

That's fantastic Greg - well done for getting the petition going, and thanks for all your hard work in preparing the arguments.

Deborah Stock


#32 The Case

2017-03-07 12:37

Great job Greg.



2017-03-07 18:24

Many thanks Greg for all your hard work deserve a beer  or two for your time and endeavour!!!