Victims of Allen Stanford Fraud Petition the U.S. Government

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2011-10-31 14:12


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2011-10-31 16:53

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How about also petitioning the Antiguan government to return the properties & outstanding loans (supposed to be in the hundreds of millions)?

Catherine Burnell

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2011-10-31 17:57

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The Antigua Government does not hold ANY Antigua Stanford properties.  They are being held by Andria Stoelker (Stanfords Girlfriend) and action has been taken by Grant Thornton to freeze those assets and an application made to have those properies returned to Grant Thornton who act as the new Liquidators in Antigua.  


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2011-10-31 19:40

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O.K. - but what about the outstanding loans? They owe us what may be the largest chunk of funds available.



2011-10-31 20:19

This is an extraordinary initiative. Congratulations to the proposer. Let's make the US government and its Courts hear our voices the loudest, in order to achieve our objective for a fully compensation of the investments at SIB.
A Stanford Victim


2011-10-31 20:54

At last somebody is demanding in a petition what we have all been asking for. I hope enough victims sign this petition to make our voices heard, all victims regardless of country will benefit from this petition.
Catherine Burnell

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2011-10-31 21:25

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 Sitting back and doing nothing has no benefit, anything that may help the victims has to be more positive than negative.

Catherine Burnell

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2011-10-31 21:30

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 I understand that Grant Thornton are looking into this matter. After speaking to people from the new Liquidators I am sure that if anything is owed to the victims, GT will do everything in their power to get it back.  I will try and solicit an answer from GT and put it on the Forum.  Please go to the forum for more information.



2011-11-01 10:59

The NASD (FINRA), the SEC and the DOJ received numerous reports of the fraud being carried on by Stanford Group over the past decade and the least they could have done was disclose that information so investors could make an informed decision. It is time for USA to accept their responsibilities in this fraud and provide a prompt solution to all victims. The world is watching you...



2011-11-01 11:44

Write a comment...GOOD IDEA

#11 petitorio stanford victims

2011-11-01 14:46

excelente idea



2011-11-01 14:50

Stanford Financial is the subject of a lingering Corporate Fraud Scandal perpetuated as a "Massive Ponzi Scheme" that will destroy the life savings of many, damage the reputation of all associated parties, ridicule Securities and Banking authorities, and shame the United States of America.



2011-11-01 15:34

The US government must recognize that the SEC missed up the control over the Stanford case. I did invested in Stanford because a friend gave me a recommendation and lost every single penny of 20 years of savings. Do you know what?? My money was in Stanford less than 6 months until this mess happened!!!!!!!! I want the money I save for the education of my children back!!


2011-11-01 17:15

What is equal for Americans is also equal for innocent and decent foreign citizens, who also invested their life savings at SIB with US-currency as universal bill.

Perhaps, during these almost 3 years of agony, things have gone very slowly for us with so many obstacles traversed on the road; but there is a Mexican song which reads as follows:
“LO IMPORTANTE NO ES LLEGAR, SINO SABER LLEGAR” (the important thing is not to arrive, but know how to arrive)... and we will arrive soon… and we will win.

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2011-11-02 00:08



2011-11-02 03:45

SEC and SIPC should recognize its responsibility and give equal treatment to all victims

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2011-11-02 05:13



2011-11-02 14:33

The biggest insult to foreign victims came when the SEC acknowledged they suspected Allen Stanford of running a ponzi scheme but did nothing about it because they believed it didn't affect Americans only foreign investors.

If the world is ever to trust America again then it needs to compensate all of Stanford's victims regardless of nationality or where they bought their CD's. The SEC failing to reveal to investors when they suspected Stanford of running a ponzi scheme became complicit in the crime against every victim American or otherwise.



2011-11-02 16:36

Guys your intentions are good but too naive. It suggests putting in the hands of the Antiguan liquidators the funds subject to forfeiture by DOJ. Find out Marcus Wide’s past performance in liquidations of other offshore banks in the Caribbean.


#20 Carlos

2011-11-02 18:44

Rose Romero (director of the SEC's Fort Worth regional office): "we did not think there were any American investors so it really did not concern us".
Catherine Burnell

#21 Marcus Wide and Grant Thronton

2011-11-03 02:16

If the DoJ get their hands on the money, the victims will never see a penny of it.

With regard to Marcus Wide from Grant Thronton, let's look at his track record in the few months since he has taken over as Liquidator at SIB. He has tried (and almost succeeded) to establish working relations with Janvey and the US Committee. He has frozen the SIB property and assets in Antigua that Andrian Stoelker (Stanfords Girlfriend) was allowed to take charge of by Vantis. He is now working on getting those assets back into the hands of the victims. He has established a committee of 7 victims (not lawyers who are lining their own pockets as in the case with Janvey) who meet regularly to discuss what is happening and what his plans are. He has kept the victims informed about what is happening. He has held an on-line meeting which was attended by over 2,000 victims where he answered questions and clarified situations. He has been open forthright and very professional. He is fighting the extortionate bills that have been submitted by Vantis (18million) who sat on their backsides for nearly 3 years and did nothing. He has stated that he is hopeful of being able to pay the victims something in 2012 and has stated that as soon as he has money to pay out he will. He is consciously trying to keep costs down. He has done more to help the victims in the few months he has been in Antigua than Vantis did in nearly 3 years and Janvey has ever done. When he steps out of line I will be the first to ask questions, until then I am thankful that we have him working for us and that is why I think it is so important that we petition the US courts to recognise Grant Thornton and get the money in Switzerland and the money held by the DoJ released to him.



2011-11-03 13:29

This should not be allowed to continue, so many have lost their life savings due to the dishonesty of this man.We need to be recompensed, don't leave it to late.

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2011-11-03 16:42



2011-11-06 15:00

Victims of crime should receive appropriate compensation


2011-11-10 19:03

What happen with the victims that buy the CD from Stanford Trust Company? There situation are not very clear.