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2011-11-05 02:00

please support sign and help. We need ALL of you
Thank you for your support

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2011-11-05 02:41



2011-11-12 01:43

let the woman wins in her fight against sexual racism



2011-11-19 11:07

Hopefully women will get all their rights soon all over the world



2011-11-21 15:12

La mujeres son el Lider del Hogar por lo tanto su liderazgo puede expresarse en cualquier ambito.
Nuestras capacidades intelectuales son las mismas. Los roles en la actualidad pueden ser compartidos lo importante es el respeto mutuo.



2011-12-07 19:15

I'm a full blooded Lebanese women who tried to register for Project Roots to find out about my Ancestry. I was denied registration because my husband isn't Lebanese. I have children and grandchildren who think it's very important to know about their heritage. Let Lebanese women and all women, be heard and recognized!



2011-12-30 00:28

Women's rights begin by convincing women that they are equal partners of men and can assume equal responsabilities...



2012-01-07 12:35

c'est la vérité qui blaisse !!!!
so true and so wished.... but even in emancipated countries the difference exists and always disadvantages women.
je sais que je ne verrais pas l'égalité de mon vivant, mais espère qu'elle sera appliquée bientot.
des femmes comme vous Tracy sont notre avenir.
merci de le clamer bien fort.



2012-01-31 19:41

Every forward thinking country knows that its peace and prosperity hinges on the contributions of women to the fabric of society. After a long and bitter series of struggles, the time for Lebanon to assume its rightful place as a haven for progress and development has come. This process will be vastly accelerated by moving to implement the provisions of this petition. Good luck!



2012-01-31 20:59

It is about time for Lebanese women who have always been forward in the Arab world, through their education, innovations and creativity to acquire the basic rights that they have been intitled to and that they have always deserved !



2012-02-01 03:50

We women in this world are all sisters and need to support one another in changing the outmoded customs and laws that suppress us.



2012-02-01 13:02

It's done::)))



2012-02-15 00:02

To the Government of Lebanon:
Now is the time to assure your country's laws and protections adhere to the United Nations' declaration that you have signed. All countries struggle to move forward to these high standards, yet for the progress of your people, you will find ample reward in moving forward.



2012-02-28 08:05

There are no human rights in the absence of women's rights.



2012-02-28 21:25

Human Life has no gender and human rights relate to Human life. To isolate one life from another and treat it as subservient, translates into an utter disregard to human life.



2012-03-07 10:08

Il est malheureux que dans un pays comme le Liban qui se veut la "Suisse d'Orient", la femme doit encore réclamer ses droits sociaux.



2012-03-08 00:16

No women, no life! Help protect & preserve ladies throughout the world.



2012-03-08 10:39

I will definitely spread the word around, and sincerely hope this petition helps in getting ahead with enforcing new laws to protect women!


2012-04-19 12:06

Comment un pays peut-il renier ses enfants??? une jeune libanaise qui va poursuivre son Doctorat en France, épouse un français cadre dirigeant, decouvre que ses enfants n'ont pas droit à la nationalité... AU MEME MOMENT un jeune libanais epouse selon son choix le femme issu de n'importe quelle origine, et donne automatiquement la nationalité à ses enfants.. Ainsi se retrouvent des cousins germains, n'ayant plus la même appartenance.. c'est indigne



2013-02-21 08:42

About time .....
Hassan Youssef


2019-10-18 19:28

It's now the time in Lebanon to rise and demand your rights. Especially to those Lebanese women who have married foreign men whose children can not obtain citizenship because of this sexist law.