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Markku A. Huttunen
The author of this petition


2011-11-21 12:43

The separate Finnish version of the petition in address gathered over 1000 signatures in four days!



2011-11-21 15:46

Each botanical garden is social, educational and scientifical institute important for future of human civilisation. Also botanical garden is veri important for local society of Joensuu and for guests of city. I like this garden, this plant collection and best white bird worldwide.

#3 Protect and save the botanic garden "Botania"

2011-11-21 16:29

#2: -

Dear colleagues,
Your famous Botanic Garden of University of Eastern Finland is a natural and cultural heritage for a human well-being.
It is important first-class resource for education, science and public awareness promotion.
You should protect and save it!

Dr. Victor Kuzevanov, Ph.D.
Botanic Garden of Irkutsk State University
93 Koltsov Street, P.O. Box 48
Irkutsk, 664039, Russia
Phone/FAX: +7(3952)413476. Mobile: +79149279139



2011-11-21 17:07

No life of hihger organisms on earth is possible without continous growth of plants.
For bringing this simple but substantial fact into the minds of human beeings it is necessary to have Botanic Gardens with their educational role and the possibility to learn this fundamental lesson in a relaxing surrounding might help to anchor this knowledge.

With kind regards
Dr.Ulrike Bertram
Ökologisch-Botanischer Garten
95440 Bayreuth



2011-11-21 21:45

It is the easiest way to close...the hardiest is to save.



2011-11-22 01:21

Plants and Peace for the Planet



2011-11-22 12:50

This fantastic institution ought to be saved for future generations of students and other visitors.

Dr Johnny Schimmel
Scientific Curator and Director
Arboretum Norr, Umeå, Sweden



2011-11-22 12:56

The Botanic Garden of Joensuu is a typical representation of an educational garden. It is not the safegard of a single bird or a greenhouse with butterflies, but the understanding of ecological cross links as a representation of natures offer. It's of extreme importance to show and learn young people the variation and importance of nature. In the whole wide vicinity in FInland this is the only place to encounter and learn this. So in the view of the urgent need for understanding the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect, the Botanic Garden of Joensuu plays a crucial role in this respect.

drs Bob Ursem,
scientific director
Botanic Garden Delft University of Technology,
The Netherlands



2011-11-22 13:42

Botania in Joensuu is great place in the looooong winters. Moreover, there one can find species that are not available anywhere around Finland. It is a great place for kids!



2011-11-22 21:01

Dear Colleagues,
The entire staff of our Botanic Garden of Tver State University of Russia, more than 20 people willing to sign a petition for the protection of your wonderful garden. This must be done necessarily. Your garden - perfect Botania has to live!
I was lucky, in 2000 I was in your garden. In my memory forever remain a wonderful warmth and beauty of your garden, the bright colors of flowers
and beautiful plants. But beauty is vulnerable as delicate butterfly wings Botania!
Your garden does not have to close. It's a miracle, which must live!
We are with you. We support you!
We hope and believe that Botania is live!
Good luck and happiness. We can assist you in every way.

Dr. Yury Naumtsev
Botanical Garden of Tver State University, Russia



2011-11-23 09:11

Botania is truly a visiting card of Joensuu! It is one of our sightseeing places! What if you close it? What is then left?!



2011-11-23 13:43

ei tuhota ihan kaikkea kaunista



2011-11-23 19:06

Botania seems to be a very special and for Finland unique place, where an important type of biotop of this planet can be experienced - for education that counts a lot because it is a sensual experience involving all senses, not only the eyes, necessary for books and Computers.

In addition: The Green house could also be further developed as a leading example of sustainable heating. The huge Masoala hall in the Zoo Zürich in Zürich, made out of glass, imitating the tropical forest in Madagaskar, was built some years ago and much attention was given to clever energy use. It has become a big and famous attraction for all Switzerland and beyond. May be you might get supporting information from Zoo Zürich with their experience concerning energy use and presentation of Masaola hall in public.

Hence, there are good reasons for rather upgrading than closing down Botania.

Marietta Fritz
Memberof Entomological Society Zürich



2011-11-23 23:52

Every alive organism is precious and we need it for the ecological balance even if it is just for education!



2011-11-24 20:48

I have been to butterfly gardens all over the world, but I think Finland is one of the countries that needs them the most, being so far away from the tropical homes of the big and colourful butterflies and birds.



2011-11-29 13:48

Please dont stop or close the Tropical Butterfly Garden,it help for awareness of people about butterflies and conservation.



2011-11-29 14:04

Don't close the operation of tropical butterfly garden.



2011-11-30 13:55

Butterfly displays are the art galleries of the natural world

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2011-12-13 19:42



2011-12-14 11:46

Why do the sciences continue to suffer from such a lack of vision in East Finland, and who really benefits from such short-sighted decisions? JC Callaway, Ph.D.



2011-12-14 12:19

Give a Life to Biodiversity



2011-12-14 13:11

Joensuu is a beautiful town and it should value this heritage.



2011-12-15 18:45

This botanic garden should definately be saved.



2011-12-20 12:03

The ex-situ conservation of threatened plant species worldwide relies on the large variety of botanic gardens worldwide, with the typical variation in skills and knowledge. The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation depends on botanic gardens assuming responsibility. If governments and financing bodies do not take responsibility for this important activity, who will? If we start asking ourselves the question: why should we be part of that huge conservation effort, botanic gardens will start to collapse, one by one. The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation will fail, and thus the Convention on Biologial Diversity, of which the GSPC is an integral part, will fail. While the political levels are increasing the expectations towards all stakeholders involved in the conservation effort, dictated by the urgency to stop the Biodiversity Crisis, more and more botanic gardens throughout the world are threatened by closure. At a time when we need more commitment, where e.g. the Invasive Species policy is developing, in which botanic gardens can and must play an active role, we cannot accept the closing down of individual botanic gardens, since it not ony affects the local situation, but also aggravates the burden for the remaining gardens.



2011-12-20 13:22

It is clear that the management of universities all over the world have no interest in saving biodiversity and teaching this to the greater public at all!