Help Bhutanese Refugee women break their fast unto death

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2011-11-22 22:36

IOM and UNHCR must jointly work out the pending family- reunio, and other de/non registered cases with Govt of Nepal ASAP. End this bureaucracy



2011-11-22 22:59

They are humans and we need to help save their life and dignity.



2011-11-22 23:02

Thank You.



2011-11-23 00:27

Who he seek justice has right to human right voices !!



2011-11-23 00:50

They all are genuine Bhutanese refugee,please provide them refugee status.



2011-11-23 08:40

Support Bhutanese Women to survive.



2011-11-23 09:17

I am very proud for those brave women but very sorry for those 9 children


2011-11-23 15:01

Situation is worsenig. Concerned authorities must take it seriously. Or they should be responsible if anything happens to them.



2011-11-23 21:34

All Bhutanese living around this globe must support for this general cause.After all we all are blood related,i mean basically by the regime of the Government of Bhutan and fter all we all are Bhutanese.



2011-11-24 03:44

Nepal has always been merciful to the refugees. Should think and act as it had than to get exposed by turning a deaf ear.



2011-11-24 04:21

Reaching out to Nepali Community Abroad and seeking their help in this campagn will greatly strengthen this petition. Have forwarded to my contacts, other should do the same.
Thank you



2011-11-24 07:51

I hope action will be taken as early as possible. Health is really a big concern in and around the globe.




2011-11-24 08:12

Hope that the concerned authorities give a humane ear to the pleas of the Bhutanese refugee women undergoing hunger strike. How long will the authorities make them suffer? This is callousness!


2011-11-24 19:44

What can Nepal do without India involvement and Bhutan's sincere approch in solving the Bhutanese Refugee issue. Nepal government (CAN) give positive statement to end the hunger strike but will that statement ever change into action?

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2011-11-25 08:32



2011-11-25 09:40

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Re: Seeing the human situation, I reflected on the Poem ' Oyster and Walrus. People representing the government are simply sympathizers but no effective action. Everything is rest on the government. They can make any policies that suites the needs of the common people but refugees are made to suffer by the people themselves.



2011-11-25 10:42

who will help government of nepal to buy hearing aids? Be quick so that hunger strikers may survive


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2011-11-25 14:58

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werequest govt of nepal and unhcr to consider the appeal of the bhutanese refugee who were once registered and could not attend the photo identity process due to various difficuties. we consider all those were genune bhutanes and their appeal be considered. I think govt of nepal has no problem in considering the appeal of the refugees. with thanks hari