Help Bhutanese Refugee women break their fast unto death



An agreement has been reached and fast unto death ended.



12 Women in Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal are on fast unto death since last 9 days. Some of them are breast-feeding women. A Bhutanese charity organization, Punya Foundation, hereby appeals Nepal Government, UNHCR and International Community to assist to bring an end to this.

About 16% of Bhutan’s population had to flee their country during late 80’s and begin 90’s because Bhutanese government responded with martial law, illegal detention, torture, rape, and threat to people’s demands for human rights. Majority of the expelled people, got registered in the UNHCR and Nepal government managed refugee camps in Nepal. Owing to lack of durable solution, many western countries under humanitarian ground are resettling these refugees.

However, many Bhutanese refugees in Nepal appeal that they get recognized as refugees calling for international attention. Due to uncertainty, frustration and being not heard; 12 women (including 1 Nepali and 2 Indian women married with Bhutanese men) have started fast unto death since 15/11/2011. Today, the human rights organizations in Nepal say, only a “political decision” can bring solution to this complexity.

Dhan Bahadur Adhikari, a representative of Asian Medical Doctors Association (AMDA) who is assigned to monitor the health of these women says that their health is deteriorating. They are hypoglycaemic and severely dehydrated. Some of these women were admitted in a semi-comatose state in a nearby health centre. Details of these women are as follows:



Durga Devi Bista, 25, Bel-II, B4/17-18

Indira Bhattari, 25, Bel-II Ext D1/39

Tulasha Dhakal, 38, Bel-II Ext E2/58

Chandra M. Khadka,37, Bel-II Ext E2/74

Renuka Mongar, 27, Bel-II Ext E2/75

Kopila Rana Bhujel, 38, Bel-II Ext E2/38-39

Indra Kala Bhandari, 25, Bel-II B2/03

Parbata Chhetri, 40, Bel-II B2/137

Roma Ghale, 38, Bel-II Ext D3/42

Ira Maya Khatri, 42, Bel-II D2/24

Parbati Chouhan, 40, Bel-II B2/131

Radhika Chhetri, 23, Bel-II B2/01


These women demand that the authority listen to them. Unless Nepal government gives them a written commitment, they are willing to sacrifice their life.

Punya Foundation and many people are extremely concerned over the deteriorating situation. We would like to request you to spend 1 minute to give your details below. Your concerns, in a form of an appeal shall be sent to UNHCR, Nepal government, embassies and international human rights watch for their immediate action to assist to stop this fast unto death immediately. Not only health of these women, but also health of 9 children is at risk. Foundation is raising the issue based only on health and humanitarian ground and not at political fronts.

Punya Foundation, registered in Adelaide Australia is a charity organization of Bhutanese. It is established with a slogan of  "Justice Seeking Through Education and Empowerment".

Thanking you for your solidarity


Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal

Director, Punya Foundation