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2012-01-04 19:03

IKCON is peaceloving social service communiy who spread Dharma 'not beliefs-which is half baked and selfish'.



2012-01-04 23:31

Go Vegan!



2012-01-05 10:57

This is unjust and encroaching on the freedom of humans since we are born free and have to be free to practise the path to realisation of the self.



2012-01-05 14:51

Please save the community



2012-01-06 05:58

Its safe to live with Nature



2012-01-06 11:32

Hare Krishna books should be allowed to be read and distributed freely as they are teh best way of reconnecting peoplpe with their lost relationship with God/Krsna and thus relieving all suffering conditions on the planet.



2012-01-07 07:21

When I tried to share this on facebook it was in Hungarian, I don't know anyone who speaks Hungarian.



2012-01-07 20:18

por favor no les quiten las tierras a los devotos de hungria ellos estan haciendo un buen trabajo en pro de la sociedad y toda la humanidad de tal manera que es una comunidad y granja auto sustentable lo mejor de todo es que es ecologica pero lo mas importante es que todo esto esa siendo para seguir los principios religiosos de la mejor manera y tratando de complacer a Dios "Krishna"



2012-01-07 20:59

hindutava is the most anciently distributed religion of the world



2012-01-08 06:10

Hare Krishna



2012-01-08 06:11

Go vege Hare Krishna way



2012-01-09 05:47

krishna is always with us



2012-01-09 08:48

I agree with this petition



2012-01-09 21:13

ne bantsatok a teheneket



2012-01-10 00:16

Please protect the Krisna Valley in Hungary for the benefit of mankind.



2012-01-10 00:18

Hare Krishna



2012-01-11 11:09

This is a war ... They want to destroy us ...



2012-01-12 13:30

Я против такого неуважения к объектам культуры востока и к людям, которые любят эту культуру.



2012-01-14 04:01

This Temple in HUNGARY is highly essential for the community. Not Only that this temple already had a good fame across all the Krishna temples in the world. Hare Krishna



2012-01-15 14:38

Yes, we should all support this because this Hindu Organisation is doing a first class job for our religion. thanks



2012-01-15 15:01

For radiating the creator's Truths, for inspiring people for a clean living, making purity, honesty our way of life can only generator a dynamic, shining character and no government or country can deny your dedicated objectives- in fact your efforts afre opening a new chapter in the ethical development of people. In fact you are making the realisation of the creator more clear and it makes the individual to see his role/his contribution towards making our world safer and happier and highly academic. individual



2012-01-16 10:24

the Hungarian Society for Krishna Consciousness (MKTHK—a part of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, ISKCON) is an authorized representative of the monotheistic branch of ancient Hinduism.

As in other parts of the world, the Krishna Consciousness movement in Hungary is the continuation of an unbroken spiritual lineage that dates back thousands of years to Lord Krishna. Almost fifty years ago A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami made known this spiritual lineage of India throughout the world by translating the ancient scriptures Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam, popularizing the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra and introducing the tradition of temple worship.

The members of the Krishna Consciousness Movement in Hungary are known for their exemplary religious practices and lifestyles. Their temples and institutions are managed in the best Hindu tradition, and their rituals and worship are completely in line with Hinduism. Their worship, cultural and educational centers provide great service not only to the tens of thousands of Hungarian Krishna-believers, but to the Indian community living in Hungary as well.

Motivated by two essential Hindu principles—non-violence and compassion—the Hungarian Krishna-believers have been carrying out extensive environmental projects and charity work, by which they are doing a great contribution to the society at large.

We are convinced that MKTHK is worthy of all your support to provide them a full church status.


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2012-01-16 11:25



2012-01-19 19:49

krishna is peace..spread his word,do not seek to ban him..:)



2012-01-22 07:30

I hope the justice shall be done. Isckon as far as I know is a very loving and diligent community.

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