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2011-12-12 15:58

Please just get on and sort this out - this is seriously affecting a young ladies life!
How can she move on if you keep blocking and delaying this, it's
going to happen so let's get moving please.



2011-12-12 20:26

sara is magnificient in her efforts to make emily happy, please support this petition



2011-12-12 20:32

Trying to do the right thing for a loved one shouldn't be such a hassle. It is outrageous what this family has had to endure just to legally adopt a member of THEIR OWN FAMILY! The loss of their loved one is now being compounded by the emotional and finacial strain placed on them by idiots in government. I believe its time to reevaluate the laws when they prevent a logical thing from taking place. Bring Emily and Sara home!
Debbie Rand


2011-12-12 20:33

Soo was a wonderful mother and she would be horrified at what has happened with Emily. I hope that someone sees sense and realises the importance of Emily being reunited with the American branch of her family. Emily needs stability and security. The Rae family need this nightmare to end and all of these lovely people need the opportunity to grieve for Soo and move forwards with their lives.


2011-12-12 20:44

it is such a shame that a young ladies life is beinge ruined through stupid red tape. its about time someon looked at this and sorts it out. surely emily has been through enough by losing her mother in the first place.  keep going sara you will get there there in the end. good luck x x x x



2011-12-12 22:41

Doing it for Rae rae and zubia



2011-12-12 23:58

Having been a family friend & being fully aware of the tragic circumstances surrounding this unfortunate situation,the government bodies & politicians in both the UK & USA should hang their heads in shame for the farsicle handling of this whole case that has left a sweet 11 yr old child in limbo for over a year because of bureocratic red tape !!!!! Have none of you any common decency or hearts !!!!



2011-12-13 01:32

This seems ridiculous that an orphan child with a loving close family is being prevented from joining them. This law needs changed!!!



2011-12-13 01:32

please we ask you to sign petition for Emily to come home



2011-12-13 03:29

If her family is here , there should be no questions. If she wants to live with relatives here than she should.



2011-12-13 05:55

Emily came to America almost 3 months after her mother passed, she spoke of Soo often, about things her mum had liked, the way she said things, how she liked dangly earrings......n Emily said it all with a smile, she was the bravest, strongest little girl I know and having her here with us brought smiles to our faces everyday! Her goofy giggles n her off the wall questions solidified the fact that she belonged here with us....her family! I never saw Em shed a tear until her last wkend in the US, the last wkend before she knew she was headed back to a place that held nothing for broke my heart to see her hurting n feel that I could comfort her for the moment with a hug n reassurance but that the next time it hit her we'd be thousands of miles apart.......BRING EMILY HOME

#12 Thanks

2011-12-13 19:16

Hello. This is Emily here. Thank you for all your support! (: I really appreciate how many people have posted! And all the different countries they're from! I am so amazed by this! Once again, thank you so so so so so much!!! :D (: :3


2011-12-13 20:12

Emily is old enough to learn that every country have rules, regulations and laws that must be followed. We already have between 12 and 20 million that are not here legally. Its time to stop it.

#14 Re:

2011-12-13 21:07

#13: Guest -

your comment reads negatively - is this correct? If so consider the importance of your own family throughout your life


#15 Re:

2011-12-13 21:49

#13: Guest -

emily and the family are all aware of the laws. Emilys aunt and uncle both moved to america 10 yrs ago with there sons that is not the issue they are not trying to get around the law just trying to expidite it. emily in the last 1 year has been in 3 different schools due to having no home the family has no problem adopting her or having her live with them its the disruption that is the problem sara has been out of america most of the last 16 months missing her family her oldest son just had his first child saras first grandchild and she is missing out on all the joys of being a grandparent again this is not to get around the law its to try and shed light on the situation and make people aware and hopfully get some changes made to the laws to help prevent similar situations in the future for other familys


#16 Re:

2011-12-13 23:45

#13: Guest -

So you think that it is right that an 11 year old child should be put into care because her mother has passed and because of rules and regulations that prevent family members from adopting their neice! This is a messed up world when people can not see that this is an awful situation that is not being helped by UK/USA regulations!!

Sara and Ian are HARD working people who will raise Emily to be even more inspriational, strong and caring than the young lady she is now! I met emily weeks after her mother passed away and I can honestly say that to this day she is still the strongest person I have EVER met in my life!

Think about what you have just written! now think about if you had a neice that was in the same situation that this family are in. Imagine the fear, the sadness the sense of rejection that poor Emily is feeling right now! All she needs is a loving, permanent family to help fill a hole in her heart. Emily has no home, no mum.... she needs her family. This is so wrong!

This needs to be fixed NOW!! no child should have to go through this! I understand that countries have immigration laws but for goodness sake..... let Emily have a home!!



2011-12-14 03:07

i hope this all works out an emily gets to america xxx


#18 Re:

2011-12-14 09:21

#13: Guest -

We are not trying to get Emily in illegally we are just trying to change the a very poorly framed adoption law.

Emily's Grandparents and Aunt.

#19 Re:

2011-12-14 09:29

#13: Guest -

To Guest 13 if you had bothered to read the subject matter you would understand we are not trying to bypass any laws , just to help our niece and Grandaughter have a happy stable and loving home.

Fiona Grant


2011-12-14 11:20

Please everyone get as many signatures as you can to get Emily to where she belongs with Sara. Soo would be so upset to know that this is going on, she loved her Emily and she was so close to her sister, this is shocking that the red tape can stop families being together. Has Emily not suffered enough by losing her mum at such a young age and now she has to lose her family that love and care for her, why because of goverment red tape! It makes me so angry and sad at the same time. Emily and Sara keep your chins up and keep fighting. If there is anything at all that I could possible do please just let me know. Always remember that you are never alone as all these signatures show. xx


#21 Re: getting Emily to America

2011-12-14 11:36

#13: Guest -  

 Where is your heart!!! This is a young girl who has lost her mum and you dare say that there are laws and regulations that must be followed. Her family are not trying to get her into America  illegally all they are trying to do is to reunite a family, a loving caring family, they are not asking for any handouts from the American goverment they are more than able to support Emily. All this young girl needs is the love and care from her Aunt and family and people like you are trying to stop this from happening. Are you such a cold hearted person that you cannot see this or are the blinkers on and you dont want to see the pain that this is causing for all concerned. You really should be more thoughtful of your comments as what you have posted makes you out to be a heartless, cold and uncaring person.

Emily and family do not give up the fight to be happy loving family, ignore this ignorant sad person they really are insignificant in life. I was a friend of Soo's and I have never met such a kind considerate person as she was, always thinking of others even when she was dealing with her own illness. I was honoured to have her in my life and I wish you all the best for the future. xx


#22 Re:

2011-12-14 14:10

#11: -  

 C Wilkinson


#23 Getting Emily to America

2011-12-14 18:50

I do hope this helps and gets Emily to America. I will be doing everything to get as many names on this petition as possible. I knew Soo and Emily well and i also had the pleasure of meeting gran, grandad and Aunty. They are a lovely family and I wish them all the very best of luck x


#24 Laura

2011-12-14 19:19

i knew emily and her lovely mum from a after school club Emily used to attend... im shocked and appalled that a sweet and innocent young girl whose mother sadly passed has no rights by law to be happy and settled and get over the tragedy she has been put through.
Emily if you manage to read this we all miss you and chin up! everything will fall into place
love all the staff at Big Kids Littlr Kids xxx



2011-12-14 19:55

We wish you every success