We Oppose COVID-19 Injections of NC School Children

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2022-02-03 13:20

how can I help? I really believe in this effort.



2022-02-03 13:29

Keep up the good work. THEY cannot do this to our children!! It is illegal!!!


#3 Re: Offer to help

2022-02-03 13:49

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 TY for offering to help.

Please contact me a bit about you and what you would like to do.

john droz:  "aaprjohn" at "northnet" dot "org"

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2022-02-04 17:43

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2022-02-04 17:45



2022-02-05 21:47

Thank you for getting this petition out and for the update. This is an outrageous overreach and our family will never comply.



2022-02-07 04:37

Sad that so much ignorance is displayed by the petitioners. First they mistakenly think the original petition is asking for K-12 requirements when it was just for college students. Colleges require vaccines, so this is nothing new. If you don't want to get a vaccine, go to a college with other unvaccinated people. Second the utter lack of scientific knowledge and common sense represented in these comments is simply stunning. Cherry picking studies to find something that agrees with you is not how to interpret science. The vaccine approval process followed the 'gold standard' with no corners cut. From the collective evidence, it is clear that the vaccines are safe and effective. The most recent study shows the unvaccinated are 93 times more likely to die from the vaccine. Not to mention the U.S. has fared far worse than other developed nations, and Trump states have fared worse than non-Trump states. And the conspiracy theories simply reveal a lack of intelligence because studies are from governments in all corners of the world and from tens of thousands of independent scientist. Collusion or conspiracies is simply impossible. Overall, this petition reveals the level of incompetence the U.S. is dealing with. Future is not looking good when people reject science and believe crazy stuff like JFK Jr will come back, school shootings are fake, drinking industrial bleach cures COVID, pizzagate, and that Democrats are running a pedafile ring, etc. Nut jobs.

The author of this petition

#8 Re: Anonymous Comment

2022-02-09 12:14

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 Anyone who responds anonymously, clearly does not have the courage to stand behind their claims.

Re point #1. The Petition was quite clearly written to NCDHHS, not this Commission. Yes we understand what the original submission to the Commission said. However, as was made clear at their subsequent meetings, they claim to have the authority to mandate injections for K-12 students.

Re point #2. "The vaccine approval process followed the gold standard, with no corners cut." That is a totally inaccurate statement, as the injection approval process was like nothing EVER done before. Further they condensed a normal 10± year process to less than one year — by cutting an enormous number of significant corners.

Re point #3. To compare legitimate scientific questions about an experimental bio-chemical injection to things like claims of fake school shootings, is preposterous and totally inaccurate.

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