We Oppose COVID-19 Injections of NC School Children

This petition is to NC DHHS (North Carolina Departrment of Health & Human Services).

There is no legitimate LEGAL or SCIENCE-BASED reason to mandate that NC K-12 children must get a COVID-19 injection.

Briefly, the scientific evidence is that a COVID-19 injection:

     1) Does not stop a child from getting infected with the COVID-19 virus;

     2) Does not stop an infected child from transmitting the COVID-19 virus to someone else;

     3) Has had no longterm testing, so it's longterm consequences to children are unknown (e.g., see here);

     4) Has had no testing on children with numerous ailments (e.g., see here);

     5) Has been identified as the likely cause of several medical issues in children (e.g., see hereherehere and here);

     6) This recent study concluded that no current injection is effective against Omicron;

     7) The American College of Pediatricians supports parental choice; The official UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, opposes COVID-19 injections of children;

     8) Is an almost certain net liability when all factors are taken into account (see 17,000+ MDs and scientists who signed a declaration against childhood COVID-19 injections);

If, after they've done a thorough investigation, parents should be free to have a COVID-19 injection given to their child. Likewise, the opposite should also be true.

For much more science-based information go to C19Science.info.

Please pass this onto other citizens who value their freedoms, and the parental rights to make choices for their children. Thank you!

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