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2012-01-04 14:17

Enough is a enough,we nigerians have to standup to these oppressors,I don't mind sacrificing my life for this cause,this time the people will have their way



2012-01-04 14:31

Personally, I saw how people's life have reacted to the so called decision by our president on the removal of this subsidy,which have virtually touched the lives of every nigerian. This a paradigm of waging a war on d generality of the whole Nigerian citizens.I hope this petition will be chanelled appropriately so as to reverse this unpopular decision against the interest of 140 something million Nigerians.



2012-01-04 14:32

Its time to speak out for our generation. We cannot continue to pay for the inefficiency and foolishness of our leaders.



2012-01-04 14:33

Its just sad that the Nigeria Govt just want to improvish its citizens



2012-01-04 14:36

I think this is a very commendable development, I am really impressed. I will spread the news.



2012-01-04 14:38

It's a good way to go. We go on the streets, we tweet, we sign petitions, we use all means but violence to fight this injustice of #fuelsubsidyremoval



2012-01-04 14:40

we need a just nigeria



2012-01-04 14:50

There was no such thing as subsidy in the 1st place... And why is Mr Clueless not also bent on fixing the refineries as he is about removing a fictitious non existent subsidy... Besides the allocation for feeding and kitchen expenditure can go a long way in fixing things... Why this greed and devilish acts



2012-01-04 14:59

Nigerians are suffering this is not the time for its removal. bad governance,inadequate power supply ,bad roads and no water .help us the world against the cabal running our government



2012-01-04 15:09

May God punish Jonathan and all those that are trying to make the subsidy removal a success. May they lose tenfold in all their investments!



2012-01-04 15:23

subsidy mean corruption datz ol...n dis tym we no go gree we no go gree oo we no go gree



2012-01-04 15:49

I am very disappointed in our leaders. How can u remove fuel subsidy when the masses have not been provided with basic things like constant power supply???? People are still struggling to survive and then u bring this horrible new year gift of fuel subsidy removal?????na wa o. There are even more pressing needs of this country like the boko haram issue. Pls i sincerely hope things get to change for the better. Things are getting way out of hand



2012-01-04 15:56

no idea



2012-01-04 15:58

cautiion!caution!!caution!!! Mariam and abacha went into asorock but only mariam came out alive .....obj n stella went and only obj came out.............................yaradua n turai but only turai came out....................jonathan u beta be kiaful n pray 4 gudluck aftarall ur wifey has said it''our fellow widows'' pls broadcast dis until it gets 2 Mr Fresh air!!!! . Who get sense, make them hear



2012-01-04 16:00

The Nigerian Government has no forsight putting the masses in great trouble. Mr Badluck has no pity for this great country, there will rise in food prices and every thing will be unstable. Here is a question "What has Nigerian government done with the money appropirated by the National Assembly every year. And now the fuel subsidy removal, more corruption and more untold hardship for the masses. Fellow patriots lets pray for God intervention because Badluck has exceed boundaries.
Bayo Bada

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2012-01-04 16:03

#1: -

Where is democracy in Nigeria? Amongst us we have high achievers who represent us worldwide in sophisticated posts, yet we can't be granted the right for peace protest? I just read that there was bloodshed during peace protest, one death is too many. It is an utter disgrace on whoever gave order for violence and killings! When will there be good news. Thanks to our protesters and activists for their bravery and may the soul or souls of the victim/s rest in peace, since you sometimes don't even know the actual amount.



2012-01-04 17:30

This is suffering, we cannot continue this way.President Jonathan, pleeeaaaassee, we are pleading, release us from this suffering.



2012-01-04 18:12

Am in support of dis petition,cos what d govt is doin to us is outragous,wicked and insentitive,we are already suffering as it is,and D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ want to add to it,is simply unfair,dis is injustice in δ highest order,and dis has to STOP!! Say No to Oil subsidy removal!!!



2012-01-04 18:30

Dis is a very hash decision at dis point in time.

#20 They are MATYRS and not victims... bro, let's face it cos it has begun!

2012-01-04 18:43



2012-01-04 19:57

Enough is Enough!!!


2012-01-04 20:19

We need divine intervention the only solution to nigerians.Fellow nigerians let us prayer to almighty ALLAH.



2012-01-04 20:28

I voted for fresh air not knowing it was a continuation of repugnant but putrid air unleashed by PDP.If GEJ must remove subsidy,he must trim down d huge cost of maintaining d less productive Federal appointees,shut down most so called ministers of state,slash d huge amount meant for security vote,probe d so called cabal dat hv been reaping from subsidy and prosecte dem publicly, block all means of waste,tackle corruption and quit empowering and recognizing all those old hands dat re responsible for our current state.



2012-01-05 07:27

This is a welcome development and we are strongly in support.


2012-01-05 17:03

Finally, something has united us and we will take advantage of this to make our lives better