Self-determination and sovereignty of Hungary

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2012-03-22 23:14

It is just FREEDOM



2012-03-23 02:36

Please keep on fighting for us all. Your destination is our destination. good luck and may God support you fight.



2012-03-23 08:46

Z całego serca popieram dążenia Węgier do uzyskania

Tak Im dopomóż Bóg


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2012-03-23 14:23

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2012-03-23 14:59

God gives us intellect and free will. Let us use it!



2012-03-23 16:45

Rozwalić kołchoz UE. Wolność dla Narodów Węgier i Polski. Zapraszam na nasz portal - Pozdrawiam serdecznie



2012-03-23 21:03

I support this petition wholeheartedly! God bless Hungerian people!



2012-03-25 13:08

On ALL dear Friends from Poland!

Thank you so much to all of you, that you took the time, the long travel and trouble to participate on our mass demonstration in Budapest on the 15th of March. You have underlined with your presence your great support, understanding and sympatie for Hungary`s fight for Christian and moral values,family, justice, selfdetermination of our country. We also fight against the lyes, pressure, blackmailing of our government and our ministerpresident Orban of the linksliberal world press. Thank you very much for signing this petition. Please talk to you collegues, neighbours, families about your experiences in Hungary. Hungarys spirit is to follow!!!! Come and see us again!

With great appreciation in the name of all Hungarians from Kossuth Place on the 15th March 2012



2012-03-25 23:07

UE=ZSRR. Niech żyje Victor Orban!



2012-03-26 06:38

I fully support Hungarian Government in its action to turn Hungary into an independent country and defend Hungarian Constitution. Hungarian citizens have right to their freedom from outside bankers and freedom to their religion. No European Union law should be above Hungarian law neither Constitution.



2012-04-04 20:09

Kérem jelentkezzen a fordító Nagy Julianna,dr Barki számán!!!!!



2012-04-04 22:02

It is excellent and just! Thank you!


#39 Re:

2012-04-05 15:03

#37: -

Kedves Nagy Julianna! Kérem a következö számon hívja a doktornöt,szertne köszönetet mondani Önnek!

0044-1 535-39-80


#40 Re: Maria Jakóbik

2012-04-05 22:58



2012-06-04 13:33

Those who strive for Polish independence look with respect and hope at Hungarians. Their example of unity in faith and patriotism is an epochal achievement. We pray for full success of Hungarians in their strife for just and rational self-government.