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2012-01-20 13:46

This Really make me mad I just can't believe they just close megaupload like that
attila from tabriz


2012-01-21 06:56

because the main supporter of these type rules and bannings is hollywood i recommend that people believing on open internet must ban the hollywood by not going to the cinemas.hollywood has enormous income through the internet but they wants all the net for themselves.



2012-01-21 17:59




2012-01-22 02:55

megaupload is not an massive piratary place , mgaupload is an place were i used to share photos and files with my friends , i need megaupload back
"ban hollywood"


2012-01-22 10:23

people must ban the hollywood until they stepback supporting sopa,they are benificiary of people support but they act against peoples free world because of more profit.
"ban hollywood" "ban hollywood" "ban hollywood" "ban hollywood" "ban hollywood" "ban hollywood" "ban hollywood" "ban hollywood" "ban hollywood" "ban hollywood" "ban hollywood" .



2012-01-22 16:15

Hope that Iran open a service like Megaupload! It seems to be more damaging for USA than make atomic weapon!!



2012-01-23 04:48

Governments are a bunch of noob people who don't care about anything except money. They didn't close megaupload because of copyright infringement, they closed megaupload because they don't make money with them. According to some music star, many of them love Megaupload...



2012-01-25 15:24

Reopen megaupload!


#9 Re:

2012-01-26 20:44

#5: "ban hollywood" -  


only have to look on imdb to see movie budgets and takings to see how much the film industry is rinsing from the public, if dvds where a couple quid instead 15 for new releases copywrite wouldnt come into it. its considerably cheaper to make dvds than video tapes yet the prices keep going up. i think they should take the loses from piracy out of the actors/actresses wages. if they dont like it then tuff they get paid far to much for such little skill, il happily star in blockbuster movies for little more than minimum wage
ban hollywood

#10 Re: Re:

2012-01-28 16:58

#9: - Re:

we must propagate this in the real and virtual world ,the hollywod is acting against the peoples free world, they must shame.

we must ban hollywood till they understand that all what they have are because of people and they must respect people's requests



2012-01-28 23:20

force megaupload to change their policy instead of bringing them down



2012-01-31 08:27

Make them change their policy but don't bring down the whole site.

#13 fuck hollywood

2012-02-07 08:00

hollywood is the most significant supporter of sopa , so ban hollywood , fuck hollywood
Megaupload Supporter..!!Shardul..


2012-02-08 13:24

We want mega-upload..... at all cost. It is not just about us and our requirements but it is about those million people who earn through the website.Those people for whom mega-upload is an important part of their lives.Come what so ever we will stand for it was the first chose of the users on the net.The only site that did not have any waiting period.Hate the FBI hate SOPA hate Hollywood.
.But LOVE Mega-upload Forever.... we need it back.
Go fuck Hollywood!!

#15 Hollywood

2012-02-13 03:20

I won't pay for the shit you produce, i think i won't watch movies from now on, Fuck sopa, Fuck the world, this is the end of all and they care just about getting more and more money, why don't they donate a half of their mooney to poor children around the world?! Because they are like shit and produce shit, sell shit and i won't pay to watch their unuseful productions of shit, because i have better things to do like care my life and my family, and keep them far away from this shit. MEGAUPLOAD FOREVER !!! UHUU



2012-02-15 02:29

it needs to b reopened


2012-10-28 16:12

Access to any type of information should be free and fair...