Demand testing for Plutonium dust at Rocky Flats

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2012-02-22 18:32

Please test ASAP.



2012-02-22 18:39

The smart thing would be just cover the entire location in concrete. I'm glad I am not employed at any of the nearby companies for 8-10 hours a day and certainly glad I don't live near there!



2012-02-22 18:40

I am a chemical engineer (and chemist) living in Arvada, near Rocky Flats. This is a vitally important topic.



2012-02-22 20:16

Conjecture without data is not good enough. Let's get airborne dust data so that we will know quantitatively what the danger will be when soil is disrupted during construction.



2012-02-22 21:12

The INsalubrity of the governments that reneged on opprobrium studies of "all" radionuclides, would be a first reason to subscribe to this petition's measures!

Where was this kind of redress before 1969 fire,additionally...



2012-02-22 22:04

Our public health is at stake; policymakers must demand testing for plutonium dust at Rocky Flats.



2012-02-23 00:49

Please confirm signature
Thank you, William Rees



2012-02-23 01:32

We are responsible for the mess we make. Please make this right.

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2012-02-23 01:41



2012-02-23 02:40

Unless of course you don't believe airborne plutonium is dangerous...



2012-02-23 04:22

No harm in testing - great potential harm in not testing.

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2012-02-23 04:46



2012-02-23 04:50

Evolution took millions of years..let's not end it in a wink.



2012-02-23 05:21

Am sure the housing developers of Arvada are interested in testing. Not!



2012-02-23 05:48

The plant and our metro area must be continuously monitored given the endless half-life of Plutonium, or our health cannot be protected.



2012-02-23 19:08

Alas, government seems to have forgotten that its mission is the well-being of its citizens. Please help reverse that trend.


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2012-02-23 19:25

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Your name is listed on the petition.


Thanks for this support, LeRoy Moore



2012-02-23 20:21

This proposal is very reasonable considering the long-term impact negligence may have on unsuspecting workers as well as families living downwind of the project.



2012-02-23 23:57

The EPA and DOE have been testing Rocky Flats quarterly since the site closed. The data is publicly available on their respective websites.



2012-02-24 06:26

Protect our citizens. VDo not let this highway go through!



2012-02-24 17:20

OSHA might be interested in this because any construction workers on the proposed road would be at risk.



2012-02-24 18:57

The half-life of plutonium is 80 million years, meaning this road will never be feasible without causing Cancer risk to those who build the road, those who live within several miles of the road while it is being built, and for those who will drive on the road. The building of this road will contaminate the Golden, Arvada, and Boulder areas for a very, very, very long time.


#23 Simply put...It's just not worth anyones life to have a road here!

2012-02-26 16:01



2012-02-28 00:50

It would be responsible to look at levels of contaniments now in the soil , air, ground and surface waters for our future health concerns and our children and their childrens..... Our legacy is not to continue rapeing of our land and resources in the name of "Progress" but to look to preserving, our visual wealth, Water, Air, and most important our health ! Who pays for the possible dieases and health issues that may develop in 10 Plus years? Should there also be a study of populations living presently in the areas under concern to see if there are incidences of paticular types of cancers from air contaminates, drinking water contaniments etc. so we have a "BASE" to compare to in the future? A Base model so people who develop physical problems can go after and sue the developers and politicians who knowingly twisted and constrewed information and report studies to pursue a project benefiting only their pockets . How irresponsible ! It must be" lucreative "to be an official (at whatever political level) if one can be so bribed to overlook the concerns of the people they represent. A majority of citizens are growing increasingly tired of this Greed and a "me, me , me" and "to heck with what happens to anyone else, as long as I get mine" attitude.


#25 Re: EPA and DOE testing

2012-02-28 22:31

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please post links to the publicly available measurement data, and please address the concerns for government airborne tests here:  Nichols on Air Sampling at RF 2-18-12, which is a link on this site: