Petition for Preservation of Bahamian Culture on West Bay Street

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2012-05-20 01:42

Let us stand together on this!



2012-05-20 23:39

We cannot allow our homes to be taken over by business interests. At some point, the rights of the citizen to co-exist should take presidence. Only together can we prevent this and other unnecessary developments.



2012-05-21 00:39

This is getting ridiculous. Do we really need another shopping centre or fast food joint?



2012-05-21 02:57

I am a firm believer in clean surroundings! It goes a long way to establishing a good feeling in yourself and the way you treat one another!


2012-05-21 05:23

#3: - There should be a law against FAST FOOD in this country! The health issues it is causing is destroying this Nation and Its killing us! Can someone please go home and COOK!




2012-05-21 16:21

Nassau is only 21 by 7 miles so we can easily go and find fast food from the established locations already. FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS NOT WELCOME!



2012-05-22 20:08

I believe that this petition is timely as I am beginning to see so many real estate signs, food signs being erected in this area. We must preserve that which is beautiful and good and not allow the mighty dollar cause us to lose the beauty we have on Cable Beach.



2012-05-25 17:51

The present shopping strip at West Ridge is more than adequate for this area.



2012-05-30 19:17

Not another restuarant/fast foods outlet is necessary on any part of West Bay Street (including the part called Western Road), that is , from the Hilton Hotel to Love Beach. Stop making this place so trassy and cheap looking.