Action for the NHFC & HFC to both stand alone in the TFL

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2012-07-24 12:46

yet another avenue for people to pursue answers and get the outcome that is best for both clubs. excellent work
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2012-07-24 15:38

The only thing I agree with AFL Tasmania on is that there shouls be only one licence for inner Hobart.

But the club that wins the licence should be able to keep identity as is.

On top of that I think 10 teams is too many and 8 the ideal number.

2 on NW coast, 2 in Launceston and 4 in Hobart.


2012-07-24 18:58

AFL Tasmania has absolutely no right to try and force North Hobart and Hobart to merge. No right at all. Tradition is an important part of our great game, and this petulant act on the part of AFL Tas seeks to smash it to pieces.



2012-07-26 02:14

This is disgraceful! Scott Wade should be ashamed of himself. My family have been member and players of NHFC since 1930!



2012-07-27 05:59

This is a great cause have been a hobart supporter since I was a kid and Wayne fox worked with my dad I no longer live in tassie but still keep a close eye on the footy especially my tigers I can't believe they went back to a statewide comp it didn't work before and it's sure as hell not going to work again to the petition maker well done these two teams have more history than any other club in the state Scott Wade and football Tasmania pull your head in or stand down because I think you gave lost the Tasmanian public thanks Geoffrey price