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2012-09-06 18:38

You have a bunch of homegrown lads who made it big on the world stage and you don't have a statue in honour of them? Edinburgh was spoken about all over the world because of them, what the hell are you waiting for???


2012-09-06 20:08

It's about time they got the respect they deserve. xxx



2012-09-07 05:45

If it weren't for the Bay City Rollers some people over in the US would never know about Scotland, or Edinburgh!! Yes Yes a statue!!!


2012-09-07 13:43

Please give the Bay City Rollers the credit they deserve .


2012-09-08 09:21

The Bay City Rollers are the GREATEST thing to EVER come out of Edinburgh, so PLEASE honor them with a statue! They've sold millions of records the world over and still have tons of fans world-wide....I for one, being from America! No band will EVER compare to the Bay City Rollers...they are....and ALWAYS will be...#1!! The Rollers deserve a statue for all the joy and good they've brought to the city of Edinburgh, so PLEASE honor them! Thank you!
Debbie of Lewiston, Maine


2012-10-19 22:27

I've been a fan eversince late 74, and this would be a great honor for all of their members to be immortallized by erecting a statue of them in their home land


2012-11-07 03:18

If you can say that anyone put Edinburgh, Scotland, on the map of the world, then it must surely be the Bay City Rollers! After all of these years, it's about time to give them their due & a tribute to them in their homeland city!



2013-02-17 15:05

Hope it happens long over due


#9 Ian George Hardwick.

2013-07-12 22:09

Maybe one day then too all the World will at last come to see the True Story behind the Creation of the "Bay City Rollers" Idea. And I am sure it will be sooner rather than later. Thank You. Xxx I.G.H.
Becky Hall


2018-09-09 23:04

I visited Edinburgh only BECAUSE of the Bay City Rollers.  

tartan babe

#11 Re:

2018-09-22 17:10

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This band had record releases in nearly every country I can think of. But was totally surprised to hear about the countries I did not know they had record releases in. This band were actually known of THROUGHOUT the ENTIRE WORLD. Which not only SHOCKED me. But blew me away. I think Edinburgh NEEDS TO do some research ON THIS BAND, to realise just how massive this band really was  WORLDWIDE. 


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2019-06-03 21:23

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Even though a large majority of them are descended from colonial Scots?! That's crazy!

Tartan Babe

#13 Bay City Rollers.

2020-06-15 03:23

The out there acknowledgement will happen one day. And we will have the man himself unveiling it. As you walk down the street. You will hear the faint sounds of  I don,t want to be...... Yesterdays Hero.  It is the summertime. The sun is shining.  It is Edinburgh. And Les is in town.  That is the dream the die hards wanted all those years ago.  Sadly that will now remain a shattered dream.  But sometimes dreams never fade away.......