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2013-02-18 16:23

PLease share and sign the petition
cora larkin

#2 Re:

2013-02-18 20:31



2013-02-18 20:40

Just heard about this . Its absolutely disgraceful that a community can't have its own centre to keep youths occupied.



2013-02-18 22:18

dont stop trying



2013-02-18 23:46

Come on people of Slieverue. You all need to get behind the Youth Club.


#6 Gobshite!

2013-02-19 01:17

The Youth Club was there BEFORE you Fr Corcoran, and it will still be there AFTER you Fr. You might do well to encourage the youth towards the church instead of sending them running in the opposite direction with these kind of rediculous antics! Is the Parish Hall not for the people of the Parish??????



2013-02-19 10:19

That priest should be told he is the servant not the master - idiot



2013-02-19 14:04


#9 hall

2013-02-19 20:09

Down with this sort of thing



2013-02-19 21:49

Someone would want to remove this trouble maker before he round the parish



2013-02-19 23:10

Really bad form out of the priest. Can't say that I know him but he seems to be on a power trip.



2013-02-20 00:17

give the parish hall back to the people

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2013-02-20 02:14

parish member

#14 Subject

2013-02-20 14:44

what are the hall committee doing about this



2013-02-20 18:35

Why are our youth being discrimated against they are our future



2013-02-20 21:07

This is a disgrace the way a member of clergy can be so out of touch with youth of his parish. The bishop must step in here and resolve the situation before he alienates the entire community, something which is going to happen soon.



2013-02-21 00:22




2013-02-21 01:15

In the words of a very wise person.."If it's not broken,Don't fix it" :)



2013-02-21 10:30

Two sides two every story,before you judge it would be better to read in bible Matthew 7-1-5



2013-02-21 11:09

There is two sides to every story but that doesn't make a difference, the side of the priest is in the wrong and he should be stopped. Mr Corcoran is completely out of order.

#21 Re: Subject

2013-02-22 21:19

#14: parish member - Subject

Who are the commitee members. Think they are all hand picked.


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2013-02-22 21:25

#19: -

We have heard the Slieverue Youth Club side. Why dosent Fr Corcoran tell his side to the parish then and let people judge for themselves. He has been conspicious by his silence and alienation towards his parishioners.