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2013-04-22 12:55

Please stop them ruining our Glen. Went there as a child and took my children there too. They got rid of the animals in the Glen because idiots were harming them, I used to love visiting the reptile house, the rabbits and all the other animals.



2013-04-22 16:31

Don't let the minority vandals destroy one of the town's best assets.


#53 Save our Glen

2013-04-22 23:57

safety in numbers...? possible solution a public proactive stance - gather a group together armed with video cameras, patrol and make some citizen arrests ?



2013-04-23 09:42

Its a sad state off affairs that the workers in the glen are no longer safe in their job. All our lifes we have used the glen and its our kids that are loosing out by the way our parks are being destroyed.



2013-04-25 10:36

Let's put an end to the problem!


2013-04-25 15:19

I am not finger pointing, but when the police go round the park mainly day time they hardly get out their motors so the drinkers and the vandals know where to go this is also at night when most of the drinking is done.
They did have a park ranger but no more I would not like to tackle some of them so can they not put
some private people to check the Glen and report to police.
This does not have to be 7 days a week for you find its mainly Thursday to Sunday when most of the damage is done.



2013-04-25 15:42

about time something was done about these vandals.i do not go down the glen now , because of the behaviour of these is very intimidating.
jean leslie.



2013-04-25 16:01

I have visited the glen all my life. Now I enjoy the many photographic opportunities it provides. It is a treasured gem.



2013-04-25 16:05

I think the traffic wardens with new duties, auxiliary policemen and women with dogs should regularly patrol the Glen. Evil succeeds when good men and women do nothing!



2013-04-26 00:39

I believe in the useful social power of petitions. However (and please take no offence) it could be helpful to each petition-writer's cause if they had someone else run an eye over their drafted text before publishing, to check spelling etc. There is no shame in having difficulty with spelling but also no shame in asking for help at the outset in what is after intended as a collaborative effort.



2013-04-26 10:36

I go down the Glen on a regular basis with my children but it dismays me when I see the amount of glass and bottles about the Glen, just walk around the little building to the right (my children call it Ben and Hollys little castle) just as you enter the Glen at the bottom of the high street I have to take them away due to glass and dog poo which is a major problem in the Glen. Save the glen it is priceless.



2013-04-26 10:43

A lovely place that Must be saved.



2013-04-26 11:28

it is about time that the council took control of the litter and destruction of the Glenn People come from far and wide to visit the Glenn and it is a disgrace to let the Glenn get in this condition
I have visited many different countries abroad who are clean tidy with out litter and are proud to show their country to others WHY CAN'T We DO THE SAME



2013-04-26 14:08

Dogs off leash in park is as great a problem. Scaring peacocks, fighting each other , leaving dogs dirt.



2013-04-26 15:14

I lived in Oldham a few years back. They have a wonderful park there (Alexandra Park) and a lot of money has been spent on it. but due to incidents of a similar nature that are happening in The glen most people are afraid to use it, even dusing the daytime. I'd hate for the same thing to happen here.



2013-04-26 18:10

My father used to work in the Glen, at the Pavilion, and I spent many happy hours playing "down the Glen". I would hate to see anything happen to it and I think all families should have the benefit of it. It truly is a wonderful place. "SAVE THE GLEN"



2013-04-26 20:55

CCTV and or a ranger patrol must be used.and active prosecutions sought!! It is a tragedy to see this happening to probably the towns greatest asset ..Fife Council get a grip before it is too late...



2013-04-26 22:16

As a child living in Priory Lane I had many happy memories of "The Glen" where we safely played and enjoyed the freedom it offered us .



2013-04-27 09:09

The Glen us a special place for lots if West Fifers with many happy hours spent "doon the glen". This vandalism must be stopped. Carnegie will be spinning in his grave. Clamp down and kick the scum out that are causing the problems before its lost forever please and to the council, try to think out the box and don't just say we've no budget. Find the money, fine the cretins causing the problems and give the Glen back to the decent Fifers out there



2013-04-27 09:24

The Glen was a gift to the people of Dunfermline for generations to come and should be treated as such



2013-04-27 19:25

The Glen is the most beautiful place in Dunfermline



2013-04-27 19:27

A wonderful place to take the baby for a walk! Save our Glen!



2013-04-28 21:27

I just adore the Glen especially first thing in the morning & in the light evenings.The staff work so hard from early in the morning, picking up the litter & caring for the gardens creating a beautiful area for us all to enjoy.It's a shame that some people choose to spoil it for those that do enjoy the fabulous Glen!!



2013-04-29 13:18

We need the Parky back, gates closed at night ( other parks still do this) and CCTV at the Gates and possibly the play areas.



2013-04-29 15:36

As a primary school kid I used to run thru the Glen every day going and coming from school at Pittencrief Primary. The Gala Day was the best day of the year and I have wonderful memories of the beautiful park that was always in perfect condition and where we had many adventures and play days. I have spent many years abroad and there are many countries out there where the young kids could not even imagine such a place existing. Let's not let this slip away from us as many things are doing around the world....we must maintain our respect and pride in what is good out there. STOP the decay in our values!

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