Save the Convent Guardroom

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2013-04-21 21:07

Come on people, sign the petition now!



2013-04-21 21:13

"No. 1 post Governor's Guard all's NOT well, Corporal!"



2013-04-21 21:17

If they want to improve the entrance to No6 they could always use the more than ample back of the building which even has a drive and car park area!



2013-04-21 21:45

Leave our Heritage alone!!



2013-04-21 22:44

Heritage is too valuable to mess with. When its gone its gone forever. We have a duty to sympathetically improve and look after but do not have the right to change, ruin or destroy on a whim. "Our" heritage is not ours to dispose of; we are the caretakers; these parts of history belong to our children and our children's children. Leave Gibraltar's heritage alone.



2013-04-21 22:54

This is an iconic building steeped in history. Tampering with this would be sacrilege. Leave the Guardroom alone! No.6 already has a perfectly good entrance. The Patio at No.6 should not be covered either.....again there is much history and the patio adds character to the building.



2013-04-21 23:00

Our heritage is Gibraltar's asset. Lets safeguard it.



2013-04-22 02:30

This would be wrong



2013-04-22 02:48

As usual authorities have total disregard for any old or historic buildings. It's disgraceful.


2013-04-22 13:03

When we desecrated the grand entrance to the dockyard we lost a direct link to a great naval history back to Greenwich and to Portsmouth. The entrance experience today can still be found in the historic dockyard of Portsmouth where Nelsons ship, HMS Victory is is in dry dock. Why do they in England keep and maintain the ship and the buildings?

Let us maintain readily visible the historic link to the past, to the many soldiers who travelled with us through time and seiges endured.

Let us not sell ourselves short - surely we live in a great place where it is not all about offline and offshore and or a misrepresentation of peoples wishes by our well educated lawyers.

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#11 Save the Convent Guardroom

2013-04-22 19:04

are they going to do the same as they did to the North Gate of the Dockyard? i served in the regiment and it was an honor to have matched out of the Guardroom towards No1 Post, please please for once let the powers that be in the government hear its people