Italy is waiting for Josh Groban

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2013-05-14 21:08

Josh is wanted in Italy!


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2013-05-14 21:30

#1: emoryklann -

thank you Emory!!!! hope he'll come!!



2013-05-14 21:37

Bring Josh to Italy.



2013-05-14 21:42

Please come to Italy josh!



2013-05-15 01:27

Bring Josh Groban to Italy.



2013-05-16 17:56

Italy IS a land of music and song! Also, a land of truly gifted musicians and vocalists!!!!! Josh Groban IS NOT ONLY an American singer. He belongs to the world, especially that part of the world called ITALY! He sings in MANY languages, but his Italian songs are exceptional, with perfect pronunciation, and perhaps more importantly, with the passion and beauty of Italy!!! Josh belongs in a place where he is loved warmly by the people who UNDERSTAND beautiful angelic music and perfection. So I say," Josh, Please. Include Italy on your next tour. Your warm, enthusiastic, beautiful fans are waiting for you!!! <3


#7 Re: thank u Elizabeth <3 <3 hope he'll come ;)

2013-05-17 09:21



2013-05-17 14:44

I hope Josh go to Italy too! Good Luck!! Lidia Barros - Brazil



2013-05-17 15:49

Hello Fellow Grobanites in Italy!
I have signed your petition. I am an FOJG member and had posted on one of the FOJG Forums asking when JOSH GROBAN would tour Italy. I am a Canadian, married to an Italian and living in Italy. I am in a wheelchair, therefore, it is difficult for me to travel to other countries to see and hear JOSH in person. If he came to Italy it would be so much easier for me to get to see him and it would fulfill a dream for me and other disabled FOJG members living in Italy.
Good Luck to us!!!
Julia Paulina Baldassarrini


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2013-05-18 14:09

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thank u very much Julia ;) if you are on facebook add me, I am rossella kris

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2013-08-21 00:58