Silat World Champion and Sportsman of Year Award

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2013-06-15 04:58

Not just in sports, but also academia, architecture and the arts, the fetish for what constitutes "world class" and "global" has led to very narrow ethnocentric and bigoted notions of assessment according to Euro-American cultural biases, often in the hands of those technocrats and judges that are only keen on looking at again, simplistically calculated KPIs. In this case, once again it is very sad that our own national sportsmen like paralympian gold medalist Laurentia Tan and now Muhmmad Shakir Juanda have been spat upon by a system that is ashamed of its own culture and peoples anything local is typecast immediately as being parochial. Too many times, even in my line of work have I seen how the very ones who love our country, non-Singaporeans included, and wish to develop its identity and culture organically from the ground most are the ones who get penalized most harshly by those who claim to represent us. For this particular case, for the cosmopolitan elite like Jessie Phua to snub Silat of its legitimacy becomes a more hurtful blow to the already marginalized minority Malay-Muslim community. I find such a snub to be more insidious and offensive as the racist comments made impulsively by Amy Cheong, and I feel that not just Jessie Phua but the entire committee should resign over this decision.

#2 apa lagi SSA mahu?

2013-06-15 05:23

he is already the world champion! if no one else is deserving then why isn't he? i'm not into Silat, but it seems the SSA is belittling the value of the sport, and this should never be the case. Sports has been very badly managed in Singapore, and things should change! This change is not going to come from above, but from below! Hold these idiot administrators accountable!



2013-06-15 05:44

Silat.... the Martial Arts practised by our fore-fathers defending our region's national sovereignty, in every corner of the Malay Archipelago; and now carried by our very own born-and-bred Singapore Champion.... A World Champion! Long live Silat!



2013-06-15 06:20

Get that Phua woman to resign from her whatever posts she's holding and her Apology in Public



2013-06-15 11:56

Do give a serious thought and consideration!!

#6 ridiculous

2013-06-15 12:21

How to value the competition when Garmen themselves didnt acknowledge and supportive of the sports...i didnt see any prominent people goes to the airport and welcome him big hooha in the had to be given to him where merit is concern...nonsense la u lady!


2013-06-16 04:37

A silat is full with its local Talent and Shakir is already a world champion..So,he deserved the Sportsman Of The Year..!!Must he be a Foreigner to take that Sportsman Of The Year..??!And Jessie u need to make a public apology to Silat Association and to Shakir..Thats it!!



2013-06-16 05:36

Silat, like Wushu, rugby, football, athletics, etc is a Sport. Bowling like Darts and Golf, is a recreation, not a Sport.



2013-06-18 01:05

we Malays should held a get together at Hong Lim park to show our support for our silat sport and our hero who deserves to be sportman of the year.It is also good for us to seek permission from Johor Govt to have rally at Johor to protest our dissatisfaction about prejudice and ill-treatment of our malay athlete.



2013-06-18 01:08

This Phua girl is a racist.Boycott our sport.



2013-06-20 03:26

I hope this malay hero will become sportsman of the year.

#12 Re: apa lagi SSA mahu?

2013-06-20 03:41

#2: Chazza - apa lagi SSA mahu?

this is what happen when no malays were in SSA.SSA should comprise of all races representives so that no prejudice and discrimination would prevail over any races.This is a clear cut racial discrimination and the reasons given by SSA were utterly and completely bunkum.Should disband SSA and elect new chairperson and members before something worst than now transpired and spiral out of control.


#13 Re:

2013-07-06 04:29

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