Peace and Reconciliation in Syria

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2013-06-21 19:39

The Syrian people have the right to decide their own future without intervention by Saudi, Qatar, Israel and Pentagon.
Susan Lindauer

#2 Re: Only the Syrian People Should Decide

2013-06-21 22:48

#1: -

France, Britain and Italy have made a mess of Libya. Now they're wrecking Syria with a War that threatens to become regional.  Where is our shame?



2013-06-22 00:50

Peaceful political solution Now!



2013-06-22 01:48

No country could permit terrorists and mercenaries to control its cities and abandon responsibility to protect its citizens. Please help us stop the flux of terrorist mercenaries across the border of Syria by pressuring your government to stop supporting terrorism in Syria. Thank you



2013-06-22 06:40

For a free, united, democratic Palestine. For a free, united, democratic, Syria. For international solidarity against imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism!



2013-06-22 10:16

Hands off Syria.



2013-06-22 10:16

Mohammed Sharif Jayyousi:

Yes to dialogue .. Yes for a political solution. No to foreign interference in Syrian affairs. No war on Syria, not the U.S. of terrorism. No terrorist gangs. Yes Syrian national state: the nation and the people and the political system.



2013-06-22 10:36

this is the truth .there is no revulation in Syria just a satanic zionist and western impereialist war on syria with stooges as Turkey Qatar Sauadi and other arab , syrian traitors to destroy the only arab independant state that resists to Israel



2013-06-22 12:06

The people of Syria have to decide their future in order to establish a real democratic system.



2013-06-22 12:47

نحن مع الحل السلمي للقضية السورية و ضد أي تدخل أجنبي في سوريا و في أي بلد في العالم...
و نندّد بالجرائم البشعة التي إرتكبها القوى الأمبريالية و الصهيونية العالمية و الرجعية العربية في العراق وليبيا و ترتكبها الآن في سوريا.



2013-06-22 14:24

انا مع احلال السلام والعدل واعادة اجواء المحبة والتنوع الذي يميز المجتمع السوري بأعتباره نموذج نوعي فريد...اضافة الى موقف سوري المستقل كوطن مقاوم ومتطور ومساند لحركة المقاومة العربية الشريفة...



2013-06-22 17:32

This petition states our World Citizens' opinion against greedy rulers who dominate and divide us globally, destroying fairness, justice and democracy. They have nothing but their lethal arms to push to the secular state of Syria and shed seas of more human blood as they did in Iraq and elsewhere for no sane reason.



2013-06-22 22:56

انا ضد المؤمره القذره التي تنفذها الولايات المتحده الإمريكيه بمساعدة رأس الخيانه والعماله اسرة الــ سعود ،،،، ان تدخل الـ سعود في الثوره السلميه افقدها وطنيتها وادخل سوريا بحرب طائفيه اهليه .. واتمنى من الاخوه شعب سوريا العظيم ان يعوا حجم ما هم فيه من كارثه



2013-06-22 23:50

where is the voice of Reason ???
only political solution will help Syria !!!!!

#15 Re: Alberto Ruiz Peña

2013-06-23 01:15

#4: -

Por la paz y contra la intervencion de mercenarios en Siria



2013-06-23 04:39

No foreign interference to create chaos in Syria, stop arming the murderers and child killers of FSA.



2013-06-23 10:06

The people of Syria have a right to decide their own future, which US and the rest of West seems to deny them.



2013-06-23 19:39

>Ich glaube an die Worte Gandhi,s :
"Es gibt Zwei Dinge,
die sich nicht lange verheimlichen lassen,
das sind die Sonne und die Wahrheit" ! <3



2013-06-23 22:05

thank you for this important response to that ignorant and abusive earlier letter



2013-06-24 09:46

Before the evil PNAC 'think' tank, came Oded Yinon in the 80's as translated by the rational Israel Shahak. The same list of countries for destruction by the Zionist entity.

Pity many of our Arab brothers and sisters cannot see this and stay united for truth and humanity. For instance, Meshaal to Qatar and Hamas shaking hands with Qatar.



2013-06-24 11:14




2013-06-24 11:40

This is an excellent move.
Support to dialog not conflict.
Long life Syria
God bless you.



2013-06-25 02:37

I absolutely support Peace and reconciliation as the best way for Syria.



2013-06-25 13:44

Syria is facing a dirty global conspiracy.
Fadi Al Thahabi



2013-06-26 01:35

USA and EU, Stop arming terrorists in Syria