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2013-07-09 21:24

I say NO NO NO!!!



2013-07-09 23:46

People have worked hard to move to residential areas looking for peace and quiet and over the past years we are icreasingly seeing businesses that are none family oriented like the now Cash for Gold, Stripper clubs out West Bay Plaza by Super Value, two noisy nightclubs, and now number houses? Where is the line drawn and why is a business licences are being issued. A christian nation does not supose to be like this.



2013-07-09 23:55

This whole business of gambling number houses is nonsense! How are we supposed to teach our children the value of working to make a living by keeping these types of businesses open. They need to all be shut down!



2013-07-10 00:36

Nothing is sacred anymore. One business owner seems to have more rights than 10,000 law abiding, decent citizens.



2013-07-10 01:40

There are NO LAWS in this country. The referendum against gambling was a waste of pubic money - not government money - our money. It was a farce! Nothing has been done. Nothing will be done because the government DOES NOT CARE about the people of the Bahamas. They only care above themselves! We tried sharing a petition to stop the torture and disgusting treatment of surrey horses here and GOT NOWHERE!!! The people who are paid to oversee the surrey horses DON'T CARE!!!! NOBODY IN POSITION HERE CARES about anything but themselves and filling their pockets. I signed the petition - but nothing will happen. Check out the thousands if half dead dogs in the street ...... Like I said - NOBODY CARES! Welcome to the Bahamas!!!!!!!!



2013-07-10 01:46

We the people said NO to the numbers game! I demand my government enforcement!!
advocate for peace


2013-07-10 15:10

I totally disagree to relocation of a web shop to our neighborhood... if they get an inch, then they'll want a foot, then a yard and before we know it they'll consume the whole area. with their operations, then what?    NO wayyy!

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2013-07-10 18:17

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2013-07-10 18:18



2013-07-10 21:52

This is total lack of regard for the laws of the Bahamas. It also begs a question who in Town Planning approved the use of a residential property for a web shop?
It also shows that owners of property or real estate agents will do anything for a dollar. I'm sure they would not want a web shop next door to their home



2013-07-10 22:38

The Bahamas has spoken via referendum! The answer to Web Shops is No! I say No!
ms t


2013-07-10 22:41

The Web Shop in West Bay Plaza operated for a long time without n e signage. Then, the 'Hello' went up. The Police must have known and seen the operation but did nothing. I do not wish to see Web Shops in this area period!!!


#13 Stop the Opening of Businesses in Residential Areas

2013-07-10 23:38

I do not want web shops in residential areas. The Dept. of Town Planning needs to be proactive and do their jobs. My Deed says "residential" and there are now too many businesses from car garages to petty shops being opened "on to" houses. People open a basket of crabs or a "kittle" of fish and begin to sell outside your house.This needs to STOP.



2013-07-11 11:51

isnt there suposed to be a proper licencensing process? Has a licence been granted for the proposed new locaton? if not can residents be told of the hearing date?
If they check the record residents of Kilarney were the most against gambling in the last voting exercise so this proposed move must be seen t be a non-starter.



2013-07-11 14:57

The Devil is a liar.



2013-07-11 18:24

We in Cable Beach are saying no to this webshop relocation. I agree with Mr. L. Munnings there is enough spaces in the business plaza to accomadate such a business. We do not want this kind of business so close to our dwellings. Web Shops give rise to unsightly characters and we have children leaving in those complex. we hav eto protect what is ours. If its okay with other neighborhoods its not okay with ours. I am saying NO!!



2013-07-11 18:46

The webshop relocation would only bring more undesirables into our neighborhood, and we have enough of them traveling through our area as it stands. With this move the possibility of robberies and breakins could increase...



2013-07-11 20:12

Concerned about this type of business in a Residential Area.



2013-07-11 20:43

A "web shop" in a residential community is outrageous. If this "web shop" is allowed to remain, I expect a strong public outcry and inquiry into which government officials authorized such operations, and a more intense inquiry than has been conducted in the past of what kind of activity is being conducted at the web shop (follow the money!).



2013-07-11 21:01

laws prohibitting businesses in residential areas need to be enforced



2013-07-11 21:17

I wish to state my objection to a web shop in the residential area for reasons stated in this petition.



2013-07-11 22:46

closed it down now!
disappointed resident

#23 Web shop

2013-07-12 00:23

Can we just be allowed to bring our children up in a decent residential neighborhood? if I wanted to be in the middle of a gambling set up i would have bought a house somewhere else!



2013-07-12 00:35

Surprise, surprise....makes one wonder what's coming next under the Christie regime????!!!! I'm totally, and vehemently, AGAINST this being allowed to happen!



2013-07-12 03:24

I agree that the web shop should not be relocated to a residential area. The influx of persons from all walks of life to the area can be disturbing in more than one way!!