Bring Back Rescue 911

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2013-07-17 18:41

I love watching this show on YouTube and I absolutely love the idea of trying to get it back on. Thank you so much for this petition!



2013-07-17 20:23

This show is very helpful to all families!



2014-10-21 05:53

Bring back Rescue 911!



2014-11-09 07:55

please even if you didnt like it that much please sign



2015-01-05 22:50

I love rescue 9-1-1 I miss it :(



2015-03-14 18:37

I remember watching this show when i was young and loved it and still doi



2015-04-13 00:21

Why did they stop the show in the first place? It is very educating for people of all ages! Since the show has ended, I have heard about quite a few rescues that would make great stories in the show, and I have no doubt there will be more in the future!



2015-04-14 18:14

Its a veary educational show . for adults and children alike teaches us what to do in an emergacy situation. Please bring it back.



2015-04-14 19:31

Loveed please bring it back .


#10 please bring Rescue 911 Back.

2015-04-14 19:33

Shows kids and adults what to do in a emergancy sitiuation loved and still do watched it as a child.


#11 please bring Rescue 911 Back.

2015-04-14 19:37

Bring Rescue 9-1-1 Back love it . please .


#12 please bring Rescue 911 Back.

2015-04-14 19:38

Bring back please. Please loved it.



2015-05-03 21:34

  • I love rescue 911 and I like the action and and the rescue 911 episodes that involves trains because I'm a train fanatic I live right next to Metra in the Chicago land area and I love trains Ever since I was born.



2015-05-03 21:49

Please bring back rescue 911 because I love watching it on YouTube and I would love to watch it on TV and the show really helps kids and adults On want to do in an emergency.


#15 love it!

2015-07-25 15:48

when I was a kid I grew up watching rescue 911. now I'm having my 3 year old daughter watching them on YouTube! 



2015-09-05 00:37

Rescue 911 is an educational show about teaching us what to do in an emergency. Bring it back!



2015-12-17 07:33

Because it is a good show and you can save someone's life by calling 911



2015-12-25 15:20

Because rescue 911 is my favorite show



2016-01-04 01:24

its a good program and watching it might save lives



2016-02-17 19:40

I love the show. I miss it being on tv.


#21 Rescue 911

2016-03-18 00:31

I am a railroader, but was young when 911 was on, I remember runaway boxcars so well and boy trapped on escalator,this show showed very well what average people could do



2016-03-18 16:48

because 911 was a great real life show that showed real people in real bad situations



2016-03-22 01:47

I love this show



2016-04-25 20:18

It was a good and educational show for children and adults.

#25 Bring it back!

2016-04-25 20:20

It was a very good and educational show.