RaiderZ-Shutdown on 30.08.2013.

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2013-07-23 13:58

I dont wanna stop playing this game now when i have only just started playing it!


#2 meh

2013-07-23 14:00

Quante firme occorrono?

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#3 Re: meh

2013-07-23 14:03

#2: - meh

Più ce ne sono meglio è!



2013-07-23 19:16

Mi hanno fatto provare il gioco, e mi dispiacerebbe perdere TUTTO per niente.



2013-07-24 16:27

dopo tutto il tempo che ho passato per avere sto chiude mi farebbe incazzare molto!!



2013-07-25 07:56

Ma fate chiudere cabal ita piuttosto che Raiderz XD



2013-07-25 16:12

I hate Game Forge so much right now you can't even imagine, they robbed my time, took my money and now they will take my virtual persona and delete it, only criminals kill, and now GF is doing genocide...



2013-07-25 20:40

well fuck this Gameforge Eu Raiderz server .. im go on NA BYE ! no petition they wont listen or read this


#9 Re:

2013-07-26 09:21

#8: -

c'est scandaleux !!



2013-07-29 00:59

Gameforge, hope you'll get cancer ! è_é


2013-08-18 23:20

it does not matter if gameforge reads this or not, at least it is a good thing to warn people not to pay any money to play any game that is run by gameforge. they will rape your wallet, give you no service, not reply to any emails or support tickets and when they feel like it they will just shut down game/servers without any warning or notice. WARNING to everyone do not spend money on any game that is affiliated with gameforge, they will burn you.



2013-08-19 00:11

the person that wrote.."no petition they wont read this or listen" Bruce is right, it does not matter if gameforge reads this or not for telling gameforge how bad they are is just telling them what they already know about themselves. It is the bad publicity that hurts them, it is the bad publicity that everyone reads about gameforge that hurts them. Don't lay down on the ground and let gameforge kick your head in, do something about it, write in every forum,every post you can find on the internet and tell the world how bad gameforge is, that is what hurts them, do something to help stop this money grabbing game destroying corrupt company.



2013-10-05 10:22