Let Kauimala Play Minecraft Again

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2013-09-02 04:33

Good luck kaui

#2 I Miss Him!

2013-09-02 04:55

I want to play with Kauimala again!



2013-09-02 05:22

Not sure if my comments (or my signature) will really have an actual impact on helping a guy out, but I fully support this assuming the description is correct and his mother actually is basing her decisions off of unrelated issues. Coming from a mature legal adult, it violates fundamental deontological principles to base a decision that harms someone else's unalienable rights (the right to pursue happiness, in this case) due to unrelated issues. It's like a judge condemning a simple burglar to execution because he just got a divorce. Good luck, Kauim. --Internet Friend Draco



2013-09-02 17:25