Aspartame should be banned

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2013-09-05 11:46

life means nothing compared to money



2013-09-08 15:42

This chemical is part of the culling agenda
We are already in WORLD WARIII and need to Wake up to win and Save this planet we call home.
Chemtrails in our skies, GMOs in our foods, radiation and oil spills in our seas, micro waves from mobile phones and Wi-Fi in our air, and now Gas fracking leaking toxic chemicals in to our natural water systems more and more Pharmaceutical vaccines and toxic drugs in our blood, trees cut down to take away our oxygen, and all this is going on in our world today. PLEASE join the dots and the domino's should start to fall that there is a depopulation going on right now in our world, PLEASE WAKE UP those of us that are awake Invite you all to stop taking the blue pill, the blissful ignorance of illusion TV and main stream media and take the red pill embracing the sometime painful truth of reality. Taking the red pill means switching of your tell e vision because that's what they are doing and that's why they call them programs to program you. One week on the internet checking out information on these topics will open your eyes to the real world that you are living in. Home work to help you wake up.
1) Silent Weapons for quiet wars document -full Read
2) Agenda 21
3) What in the world are they spraying full version
4) Why in the world are they spraying.
5) Geoengineering Destroying Our Atmosphere (Rosalind Peterson) Chemtrails & Light bulbs exposed.
6) Barrie Trower 1-13 Microwave Radiation
7) Illuminati and the CFR (Myron C Faga
8) Nasa: The end of mankind “Leaked document 2013. The most important
Positive News in our fight for a better future.
1) oppt-in One People Public Trust also known as I-UV This should help to wake you up.
Oppt-in “Foreclosing all Governments Banks and corporations worldwide and set us free
From debt, releasing us from this slave system that we were living under.
2) Keshe Imperial Collage (London) Offering free energy to the world and signing up countries to a
3) Treaty for a better world to live in. Is now connecting with oppt-in / I-UV.
4) Thrive (Full version) and how it could be.
5) Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for
6) Pope, Queen and Canadian Prime Minister found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity and Sentenced
to Twenty Five Year Prison Terms.
7) Apostolic Letter of pope Francis! Strips Away High Official Immunity.
8) Breaking News!!! UFO Alien Disclosure by Canadian Minister of Defence May 2013.
There are lots of thing you can do to make the changes.

1) Write to police force to report a crime against humanity every time you see chemtrails in the sky above
you. Write letters, e-mail , or phone calls.

2) There are lots of Global movements you could get involved with.

3) Go on the Global march against Chemtrails on the 25 August 2013.

4) Pass on information to all, print of flyers and put up where you can.

This planet belongs to all of us not just the 1% and we need to take it back.

Peace Love and Freedom to All ✌



2013-09-09 09:15

The evidence for the dangers of this product is overwhelming and yet Rumsfeld continued in his battle to overcome the forces in any that he could thick and thin, that were trying to stop it. Many people have been damaged because of his greed. All because of profit!



2013-09-09 09:35

WTF!!! is this shit doing in our food!!!



2013-09-10 09:59

Get it banned killing folk



2013-09-11 07:07

Everyone needs to be aware of this!!!!



2013-09-11 11:39

Monsanto needs to stop putting their poison in our food.



2013-09-11 20:27

please sign this petition



2013-09-11 20:34

Stop thinking about profit when it concerns people's health. Enough.



2013-09-11 20:54

A poison, yes.