Stop Testing on Monkeys

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2013-09-13 03:28

Testing on all animals is so wrong. I do not know how these people can sleep.



2013-09-15 04:46

Using animals for any kind of testing makes me sick and ashamed that people have to stoop to the level that the University of California. I will NEVER support animal research and will always fight against it.



2013-09-15 11:50

Don't be the last university to do the right thing. Join other compassionate higher education facilities and do the right thing now.



2013-09-16 14:27

These are living feeling beings. Do not abuse them for unfounding so called science



2013-09-17 01:26

No animal should suffer.



2013-09-17 04:22

Animals need rights now! They CAN NOT speak for themselves. Animals only give us love. ANIMAL LIBERATION NOW!



2013-09-17 04:55

We as human beings have the responsibility to protect and be the guardians of other beings who are voiceless such as these poor, innocent animals you are testing on. I do not understand how a human being can use another living being as a test subject. This country is an Auschwitz for animals and yet Americans say this is the best country in the world! Fools! The manner in which a country, an institution of higher education, or an individual involves themselves in this unnecessary, cruelty speaks to the character of that same country, institute of higher education as well as to the individual. How could you???



2013-09-17 07:51

It is about time this senseless cruel and barbaric act was stopped one and for all. You encourage and promote animal cruelty. This in itself will damage and warp the human mental health. Think about what your doing... wrong doesn't not even come close..its unbelievably sad. Get out in to nature..that's where the real cures are. If you cause harm will only create more harm in this world. Stop!



2013-09-17 14:39

Using animals for anything needs to stop they have the right to their own life.


2013-09-17 15:39

Come on guys, get on the 21st Century with the rest of us and stop keeping Primates in awful conditions within your University to enable you to do all kinds of trials and tests on them. You should be asking people to bequeath their bodies after death, so your doctors and medical trainees can practice to their hearts content on a fresh cadaver.

What you are doing is wrong, you know you are wrong so make a stand, I've put my money where my mouth is and bequeathed my body for medical science purposes after I pass. I will be stored at Keele University for Doctors and medical staff from The University Hospital near Stoke-On-Trent in England. Then between 3 to 4 years later, i am cremated and handed to my next of kin.

It's easy and your minds would be clear of all guilt about your primates. Come on!!! For goodness sake, we humans are NOT the owners of this planet, we do not have the right to harm or hold captive any animal on earth. You could donate all your primates to Monkey World on the South Coast of England. They would even come over to collect them for you.

Come on and set the example!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2013-09-18 01:35

We do not need cruelty to test our chemicals, when we need to test them, they are clearly not safe, let's respect others sentient beings lives- and stop testing!



2013-09-22 05:23

I am horrified that UCLA continues this really cruel treatment of primates.



2013-09-25 05:50

I will never attend UCLA and will encourage everyone I know not to attend until these barbaric crimes against nature stop. We are ALL earthlings - humans and non-humans. I dream of the day when UCLA is extremely embarrassed of such heinous crimes against nature.



2013-09-25 09:11

I thought we where not doing that any more....please stop....



2013-09-27 00:19

This is an absolute barbaric cruel UN necessary cause of suffering to our Animal Family . It's well past time to show compassion and love towards our fellow Creatures we all share the Earth with. With the leaps and bounds Science, Medical and Technology that they is other ways to achieve this research, without torturing our Animal family. All this testing is not advancing Human Beings , not really helping the Sciences . It's straight up unnecessary cruelty and MUST stop.



2013-09-30 15:46

Please stop testing on Monkeys.This is cruel and there is other uncruel methods that can be used to do testing. Please stop using animals.



2013-10-13 06:29

Stop this sadistic, cruel practice. Haven't you learned enough by now?! Why torture animals just because you can. Move on!



2013-10-13 06:59

It,s simple. Stop testing on Monkeys. Aside from fraudulent science it,s henious.



2013-10-14 08:23

In the 21st century, it is no longer acceptable to inflict cruelty on creatures who we now know to be intelligent and sensitive, and who feel pain and fear every bit as deeply as human beings. In addition. the transferabiliy of data acquired in this way is, of course, always open to question. There are many alternatives nowadays. The Dr Hadwen Trust can advise.



2013-10-15 08:50

this is to gruelty,..dstopp thiss.....



2013-10-15 08:54

Monkeys are Beautiful Amazing animals...they should not have to suffer because of the evil greediness mankind has created..This world is HELL for most animals..this is WRONG...makes me Sick and Disgusted..



2013-10-15 08:56

look at the face of this monkey and see that is knows that it gets tortured. end this now! NOW



2013-10-15 09:06

This is disgusting and cruel and must stop Now!



2013-10-15 09:52

This is so not right. These poor things feel pain the same as e do. This needs to be stopped.



2013-10-15 17:13

Stop this barbarity, please!!!