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2013-09-27 13:40

If people buy a flat near the Green Point common they should know what they are in for as the common was a sports recreational area and there was always noise emanating from the sports people. Mouille Point has in the past couple of years become a popular area, hence the building of more flats and and the demand for accommodation ever increasing. It is not the fault of the common or any recreational facility for the so called noise pollution increasing, it is the density of the buildings going up in and around the area trapping the sound. The buildings should like in many other countries start looking at using better sound proofing for their apartments and stop blaming noise for their so called interruption of privacy. The next thing is we will have to ban all the seagulls in the area due to noise disturbance. The Green Point common cannot stop its life because some people decide to use the constitution and many other legal means to try and kill it. If we the common and its facilities have made your life uncomfortable please spare a thought as to who was there first and for so many years enjoyed the facilities provided by the common. Also please look at doing something from your side to reduce the noise levels and not only wait for the common to do something, it is a two way street and we would like to continue our coexistance harmoniously.



2013-10-01 04:46

It's been part of the Cape town community for so long.



2013-10-01 04:57

The club on this property has been an integral part of the Hellenic Community for many years and has been the core of its social structure in this area. Most Greeks live in this area and if the club moved to another there is a danger that it would break up the Community to a certain extent.



2013-10-01 09:22

Hellenic is an amazing football club founded on tradition and desire for football. Would be a shame to get rid of it!



2013-10-01 12:01

This is a great facility where people come together to play sport



2013-10-01 13:07

We need to support community spaces that encourage sports, fun activities and connecting with friends in our beautiful city!



2013-10-01 16:59

Sport is a healthy activity, that is open to everyone, not just the Rich that can buy beach-front property.. the City would fail it's citizens and tax payer's if it took away somewhere for us to excercise.. just so the rich get what they want.. What about the golf course? we can't afford to play golf, yet so much of the space there is for golf.. we only need a small place for football


#8 Double Glazed Glass

2013-10-01 20:56

Simple solution residents. Do what the rest of the civilised world does and install double glazed glass. It's worked for New York, London and Paris to name a few. Or don't you believe our city is in the same class as the one's mentioned with wonderful open sports facilities living in harmony with dense residential spaces.



2013-10-02 20:14

The greek club is an institution serving far more than the greek community itself. Community from sea point green pint and all surrounds make use of this venue. It would be a shame and a disgrace to let it go for complaints from newcomers on the block knowing that it has been in existence for centuries!

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2013-10-03 18:14



2013-10-04 08:01

Some people may not have email addresses (especially the older people), could you please add a telephone number field here?


#12 Corporates use these fields too

2013-10-04 08:03

Could we perhaps request their support in this petition? I think Allan Gray (among others) uses these fields for its inhouse soccer teams.


2013-10-04 11:41

Perhaps one should consider the noise emanating from the Stadium, which is far worse by comparison. In fact there is no comparison. Not to mention the traffic congestion in and out of the area which is a nightmare and creates chaos.



2013-10-04 13:46

wonderful centre for the community as well as non members



2013-10-05 11:48

It's a very necessary facility for the community
Proudly Greek

#16 Hellenic Club

2013-10-07 15:50

The Hellenic Club is iconic and emblematic of our diverse South African heritage and culture. Groundbreaking in all sporting fields from the Olympics to Football to Food. Viva Hellas.



2013-10-08 14:32

I have been involved in the Hellenic Community of East London and through experience know the benefits to the city and the population as these facilities bring keep up the hard work.

#18 Hellenic community Cape Town

2013-10-08 14:34

Wish you all the luck



2013-10-10 08:33

why not get George Mazarakis from Carte Blanche and Advocate George Bizos to get involved with this petition???



2013-10-14 15:22

This is such a part of Cape Town Greek culture and the Greeks have played an extremely important part in the growth of South Africa. My grandfather arrived in the late 1800 and my husbands grandparents arrived in the early 1900's.These people were pioneers in the Rainbow Nation and Cape Town is HOME! And the Green Point Common and Hellenic Club is so a part of SOUTH AFRICAN HERITAGE.



2013-10-23 15:05

To Whom it may concern,

I Basil Paizis support the renewal of the lease of the Hellenic Community of Cape Town and Environs ....

Basil Paizis




2013-10-23 22:35

We have to keep this!



2013-10-24 05:23

Keep it open!



2013-10-31 14:08

The Greek Club has existed for many years and has served to bring Greeks together and keep the Greek traditions alive. Council has approved those very grounds on which the club now stands so there should be no reason not to renew the lease.



2014-03-15 03:31

My dad played for Hellenic- was in the curry cup matches years ago - this is part of cape towns history - lets save it, as it should be