New Hampshire Article 31 Petition/Order to Nullify "Obama Care"

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2013-10-11 14:35

We as people have the right and responsibility to refuse debt. Obamacare was not set up for healthcare. U.S. Is bankrupt. Obamacare will create many problems not disclosed to the people. It's fraud and it's my right to refuse it.



2013-10-11 19:18

Evil must be defeated,this is where it starts, in our schools.



2013-10-13 01:01

Let this be the beginning of a true American Patriotic Revolution. Thell Obama, Pelosi and that Bum Harry Reid to go screw and take their crappy government healthcare with them!



2013-10-13 15:01

How many good reasons are there to repeal O.Care? Let me count the ways.


#5 Nullification

2013-10-14 16:52

Nullification isn't legal. This petition is just a "feel good" motion, since the NH house and senate can't nullify laws in DC.

#6 Legislative Constituency Bills must be Heard by the Legislature

2013-10-15 06:00


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2013-10-23 11:48

Let us stand together.


#8 Re: Nullification

2013-10-28 00:11

#5: - Nullification

we,,, nullify their bullshit laws.. read it.. It says "assemble for public greivances"



2013-10-28 03:59

People are losing insurance, losing jobs and insurance rates have skyrocketed.. this is not good.. this mandate is BAD law and NH needs to nullify!



2013-10-29 03:47

lets go everyone wake up and stop the fraud.. lawmakers must do their f ing jobs.. they act like our friends . then sell us out with their big brother politition friends they suck off for some maybe money down the road.. they are all sell outs. there is no such thing as statutory jurisdiction which they drag us into court under. They must conduct all court procedings in common law jurisdiction... period..


#11 Re: Re: Nullification

2013-10-29 03:50

#8: - Re: Nullification

public greivances"   First thing they are to do is listen to our concerns... They seem only to listen to what makes revenue and new "statutes" to curtail our rights...  there is no such thing as statutory jurisdiction...



2013-10-30 00:20

where are all the people of America.. wake up ya"ll are not "U.S CITIZENS" We are the "PEOPLE" corporation of the "STATE" is the administrative courts that govern their gov't agents.. who are subject to statutory rules, regulations, RSA'S and ordinances...

#13 You all don't get it

2013-11-15 13:33

You don't get it ... there is no authority, anywhere, for a state to nullify a federal law. This is the basic essence of federalism. A state cannot nullify, or otherwise opt-out, of a federal law any more then a state can nullify the budget for the US Navy. The system simply doesn't allow for that.

This whole effort is a vanity exercise.



2013-12-02 06:40

It is our constitutional right to refuse any federal encroachment in our lives under Article 7 (state sovereignty). It is up to the states to decide if they want ACA or not. Healthcare should not be in the hands of the federal government.



2013-12-02 15:10

End this! Obama Care is expensive and not needed and is forcing people to buy a product they do not want!



2013-12-02 16:50

Each state has its right to reject or accept the Healthcare Act. It is my hope that the NH legislature rejects it. The people cannot afford the insurance plans offered on the exchange; they are few and offer only certain coverage. The ACA will be a destructive force in hampering economic growth.



2013-12-03 21:16

Time to take out the TRASH in OUR House. I will pay for the cleanup.



2013-12-19 11:08

Healthcare needs to be regulate at the pharmaceutical and insurance level. Not the working mans level.



2013-12-19 15:51

I'm tired of this act trying to take over. It will never be successful. As a country we have more worries then national health care. How about the debt that's carrying onto our generation? While I do hate the taxation that has come along with this ridiculous plan.



2013-12-19 16:10

Why not

#21 Article 31 of the New Hampshire Bill of Rights

2014-01-20 04:21

"The legislature shall assemble for the redress of public grievances and for making such laws as the public good may require"