Petition to demand the immediate resignation of Claire McCaskill

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2013-11-09 18:04

About time....



2013-11-09 19:29

EVERY member of Congress who voted FOR the UN Treaty should be recalled, because they broke their oath to the Constitution and the American people.


2013-11-09 21:14

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton, caution gun owners to take this initiative seriously. He believes that the U.N. “is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nation states, but there is no doubt that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control.”- Forbes i.e. infringement.

Fast and Furious, the US arms "regulators" let arms go to illegal recipients. Then lost them.

Ms. McCaskill your JOB is not to consider International regulation and global treaties, your JOB is to DEFEND the RIGHTS of citizens.



2013-11-09 22:25

Do it ASAP!!!



2013-11-09 22:35

Shame on you cliare! You were put in that office by your citizens of your state that trusted that you would follow the constitution. You failed to do so. Shame on you!



2013-11-09 23:30

She should have voted the wishes of the people she represented. She is a traitor!



2013-11-10 00:53

we demand your resignation



2013-11-10 01:02

She said time after time that she would never vote Yes on anything that would restrict MO. Gun ownership. LIAR!



2013-11-10 02:06

Recall her!



2013-11-10 02:26

LEAVE OUR GUNS ALONE!!! I will continue to vote for any politicians RECALL if they support anything but repeal of OBAMACARE!

#11 Petition to recall Claire McCaskill

2013-11-10 02:45

I don't live in MO -- but I wholeheartedly support ANY drive to recall congressmen (or -women) who have violated their oath to defend the Constitution. "Shall not be infringed" -- if people in Congress don't understand that yet, I think they will soon!



2013-11-10 14:50

This senator rarely votes the way I would, but that is OK as long as she stays within the boundaries of the Constitution. However, compromising the 2nd Amendment is NOT within those boundaries. All 44 that voted against the Constitution should be recalled.



2013-11-11 06:09

She voted 'yes' on the TARP fund banker bailout of '08. That in itself is enough.



2013-11-12 23:24

This woman is a disgrace to any person that lives in Missouri. Everything she does is a representation of her ideals, and does not reflect the majority of Missourians.