Ban Tail Docking on Dogs in Ireland

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2013-11-12 16:38

please dont let this happen, its heartless and cruel. what is ireland coming to. to let this disgustingly torterous pain amongst these voiceless helpless animals. cop on for gods sake...



2013-11-12 16:55

Please stop this barbaric practice. Vetinary opinion confirms that there is no need for this, even to prevent tail injuries.



2013-11-12 17:11

This is the most backward thing I have heard in ages.I'm used to a lot in Animal welfare in Ireland, but these are practises that are punished by LAW in most other european countries..and Ireland wants to re-introduce? NUTS!!



2013-11-12 17:26

I have a boxer and her tail was never docked and when she sees me she wags that tail like mad and it makes me smile so I don't understand why anyone would want or feel the need to dock a tail. She expresses her moods thru that tail.



2013-11-12 17:59

This is such an awful procedure. How could they possibly allow unqualified people (or qualified for that matter) perform such a horrible operation on newborn puppies?


2013-11-12 18:00

This is such an awful procedure. How could they possibly allow unqualified people (or qualified for that matter) perform such a horrible operation on newborn puppies?
As a veterinary student myself I find it appalling to think that the minister is considering allowing such acts to be carried out.



2013-11-12 18:13

No dog should be subject to this



2013-11-12 18:13

Its 2013 not 1913... change these barbaric practices.



2013-11-12 18:14

The tail is the end of the spine. There are many nerves in this area. TO dock a tail is unnecessary anyway; to dock a tail without pain relief / anaesthesia is downright cruelty.
How can a westernised (! hah!) 'progressed' country bring in a big 'oh OK then' to a cruel act as this? A MAJOR step backward and only goes to show what a primitive country Ireland continues to be. I live on the border and work with a dog rescue - enough is enough. Far too many dogs already are ill / not vaxed / neglected... this is another way for sordid people to mutilate in a back garden job of docking. This should only be carried out by vets with anaesthesia.



2013-11-12 18:20

can't beleive that Ireland even considers to move 50 years backwards..!!!!!
Ju ju


2013-11-12 18:43

Why do Ireland insist on being like a third world country shame on you Ireland !!!!!



2013-11-12 18:54

We have to make progress, not going backwards , and our animals hawed to be treated decent and with respect, we can't all play doctor ;((((



2013-11-12 18:56

As an RSPCA Inspector I have seen some terrible injuries in inflicted on dogs by amateurs using rubber bands, string and rusty penknives. There's rarely a justifiable reason to remove a dog's tail. - let them keep their tails AND the ability to communicate with each other.



2013-11-12 19:08

dogs need there tails



2013-11-12 19:33

It's barbaric and should have been banned years ago.



2013-11-12 19:48

Find this completely abhorant and against all that any civilised nation should be prepared to allow.



2013-11-12 19:55

I thought tail docking was already illegal?



2013-11-12 20:22

Cruel and unnecessary . Horrific to think of lay people inflicting this operation on puppies and typical of Irish law



2013-11-12 20:43

Why would you do such a thing!



2013-11-12 20:48

Irish Law ( if this legislation is passed ) will permit unqualified people to inflict this barbaric practice on puppies with out any pain relief.



2013-11-12 21:27

A cruel and unnecessary practice with absolutely no scientific or health and welfare benefits for the dog.

#247 Re: Actual text of the Act

2013-11-12 21:46

#19: Barry - Actual text of the Act

That;s the point ...they are talking about modifying the text/ bringing in qulaifying regualtions to exempt certain breeds from the they will still be ok to dock



2013-11-12 21:55

I am appalled that 2013 Act is going to allow people to inflict this cruelty on puppies!! We have enough abuse and cruelty inflicted on animals already without adding this to the list!!!



2013-11-12 22:08

dreadful,,,,,,should not be allowed.....



2013-11-12 22:24

a cruel practice that needs to be illegal.