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2013-12-17 22:45

Awsome idea, everyone in the drag community has been waiting for something like this to come around.



2013-12-17 22:53

Connecticut is the home of hundreds of drag racers, it's time we race in our State, bring revenue to our State!



2013-12-17 23:12

The State of Connecticut is missing out on a lot of revenue by pushing motor sports out of this state, from engine builders, parts suppliers, high performance shops, chassis builders, truck & trailer sales, to the venue itself. You have my support, David Troski, Madison Ct



2013-12-17 23:45

Connecticut needs a Dragstrip.



2013-12-17 23:47

The youth of this state need a drag strip to reduce street racing.



2013-12-18 00:06

Help stop street racing and give people a place to race legally and safely



2013-12-18 00:24




2013-12-18 01:55

Let the racers from ri and ct have a local track they can afford to go to and race legal



2013-12-18 03:02

It would be great to a return to drag racing in CT.


2013-12-18 03:24

This would be huge. You'd draw racers from the tri-state area and beyond. Eighth-mile racing has exploded in popularity. It gives racers a chance to fast and close without banging up parts.



2013-12-18 03:39

Im All IN



2013-12-18 11:43

Hope it goes thru.



2013-12-18 12:35




2013-12-18 13:15

This is what young auto enthusiasts need there is no where safe or legal for this recreational sport!



2013-12-18 13:49

Diesel shop LLC. Is looking foward to having A local drag strip we currently Have a dedicated drag truck that we would compete With. Lets get racing. Off the streets.!!!



2013-12-18 14:08

this would be a great thing to have in Connecticut! I am originally from Connecticut now living just over the border in Massachusetts. We have seen that short drags are coming on strong as look at what the Waterford Speedbowl dead. They had many drags and people loved it bringing this as an optional sport for those street racers to get them off the street to show their speed would be great. I would even build a drag car or toys just to bring down there and go all the time instead of going with my friends just to watch at Lebanon Valley I would actually build something and race also right down the street.



2013-12-18 14:18

if this happens, it would be great if they ran a points series on Sat. so we can hit CT on sat and NED or LVD on Sunday. kinda like the way it is down south. tracks need to work together not against each other



2013-12-18 14:25

Awesome idea can't wait, let's make it happen



2013-12-18 14:51

It would help keep the young ones off the street and show them about legal racing I'm all for it
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#20 Subject

2013-12-18 15:35

A great way to keep our money inside our state, profit from the states around us and put CT back on the map.



2013-12-18 16:47

arare you guys interested in any investors?



2013-12-18 16:58

I live in Albany NY but travel to race. Wouldn't you want my tax dollars going to your locals?



2013-12-18 17:07

This will be great to have a track in Ct . I support this 100 percent . Best of luck to you!

#24 Dragway Investment

2013-12-18 17:19

#21: -

Hello #21. Thank you for taking the time to sign the petiton. Regarding investment, we are actively raising capital to move this project forward. My email is I'll be glad to give you details. Thank you again for your support, JD Eastgate



2013-12-18 17:34

This could be good for the state and younger crowds that try and settle there arguments on the public roadways with drag racing each other