Petition To Condemn The Conviction of Karpal

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2014-02-28 06:45

If voicing one's opinion is a crime, legislate it to forbid Freedom Of Speech. Nobody wants to end up as a patriotic, honest and law abiding criminal in Malaysia.



2014-02-28 07:28

There must be more respect accorded to a seasoned Statesman regardless of which side of the political divide they reside. Mr. Karpal Singh has dedicated his life to the country and the people of Malaysia. He deserves COMMENDATION, NOT condemnation.



2014-02-28 07:50

Let us roar as one, justice for all!



2014-02-28 07:53

Karpal dare to speak for each human.



2014-02-28 09:01

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.



2014-02-28 11:36

Karpal is just voicing what the Rakyat is thinking...its not going to destablise the country.Btw...he's an oldman,try catch those corrupt officials.



2014-02-28 11:50

When can we have republic and secular state ? EVIL PARASITES ruining the whole nation.



2014-02-28 13:08

Hope justice prevails.



2014-02-28 13:37

Karpal deserves better justice. Malaysians deserve better justice!



2014-02-28 13:47

Mr.Karpal is a very good Man - a true Malaysian who have served the country with dignity, coutage . He n His family have sacrificed a lot for this company.



2014-02-28 13:57

His conviction is nothing but an attempt to suppress dissent and stifle the will of the rakyat.



2014-02-28 14:08

support this man who fights for MALAYSIANS without fear or favour.



2014-02-28 15:04

Judiciary dead



2014-02-28 15:08

Justice for Karpal Singh and let's promote freedom of speech



2014-02-28 17:18

if democracy is really here in Malaysia, then let's people have the freedom of speech



2014-02-28 17:42

Karpal is a senior citizen who has served this nation without fear or favour. There are real criminals out there who are "curi curi duit Malaysia". Convict them!



2014-02-28 17:42

This is clear tyranny. Ubah!



2014-03-01 00:26

I may not agree with his politics but this is not fair at all and sheer victimization which I oppose.... he did not break the law...lopsided judgement.



2014-03-01 00:55

If a lawyer is not allowed to speak out then what is justice for? If a paper is white while they say its brown should we all also say YES its brown?



2014-03-01 01:13

Freedom of speech for all!


2014-03-01 02:27

Writer wrote "distinguished lawyer".... Karpal is a practicing lawyer, so he knows the law. Why break it? So many of you are blinded by the PR actions to create publicity. There should not be a petition for this Karpal. My question to you lot, justice to you is when the opposition win all court cases isn't it?



2014-03-01 02:36

This man served his rakyat for a long time, speaking out against all odds. Now they want to punish this OLD man who believed in justice. Where is justice?



2014-03-01 02:52

To AG,IGP, Homeminister, PM
dont do selective presecutions & judges be independent & not controlled by UMNO. D whole world is watching,



2014-03-01 03:53

Karpal has not been seditious at all. His was a statement of fact. I believe there has been a miscarriage of justice.



2014-03-01 05:05

If it is unjust & unfair in the eyes of all, it needs to be fixed.