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2014-04-08 22:43

this would be a magnicent addition to derbys cultural appreciantion in the the arts world.


2014-04-09 21:38

This is a Grade II listed building and our council has failed in its duty to protect the building. The damage caused by the owner was deemed as unlawful and the owner was subsequently found guilty of this in a court of law,  but the council has more or less allowed him to get away with the damage and the costs this incurred. The building should be handed to a building preservation trust, such as the DHRT so that they can apply for the funding to restore the building for the benefit of the local and wider community.



2014-04-10 07:53

Derby owes it to ALL its citizens to be in a position to attract the very best drama and music in the UK and beyond. Over a million people within a fifteen miles of the Derby Inner Ring Road.



2014-04-10 13:36

Derby City Council have aspirations to make Derby a great City. Surely a splendid theatre will make a substantial contribution. This is a facility that is sadly lacking in Derby. A reconstituted Hippodrome will also greatly enhance the local area which has been seriously neglected for many years.



2014-04-12 16:18

Not only has the shilly-shallying over the Hippodrome's restoration dragged on for too long but its decrepit state is the principal feature of a run-down area right in the middle of Derby's centre. It's a disgrace to the city.

#6 Derby Hippodrome

2014-04-13 18:57

Pointless talking to this council about culture,unless it's a foreign one!



2014-04-13 20:14

Please bring this beautiful theatre back to life.



2014-04-13 23:31

This is a valuable asset for the whole of Derby and should not be allowed to deteriorate any further.



2014-04-14 07:12

This building should be saved. Over the years, Derby councils have destroyed a lot of Derby's historical buildings, and this is a fine example of a lovely building which should be saved. Instead of investing in modern, box-style buildings, with gaudy panels or featureless flat sides, the council should be restoring our heritage.

We need to ensure that we keep our heritage, which can then be highlighted to tourists.  We also need to ensure that we have decent theatre provision, which is sadly lacking in Derby.  If the Hippodrome was to be restored to it's former glory, and used as a theatre and music venue, it would be of great benefit to the city.



2014-04-14 08:50

This theatre is three-quarters built. With a bit of investment and imagination, it could be something for Derby to be proud of again.



2014-04-14 10:54

I think it would be a crying shame if this theatre is lost to the city of Derby.
Council tax payer

#12 Hippodrome

2014-04-14 12:23

Derby City Council have no grounds for ignoring this. An unlawful act was committed by the owner and, apparently, overlooked by the powers that be for ? -- who knows what reasons.How many people can get away with that? They should be doing what we pay them for and represent the views of the people of Derby. They probably think that the longer this sorry affair drags on, the more people will forget, or cease to care.As usual, Derby lags behind its neighbouring cities regarding facilities and a dynamic, forward- thinking council too. Shameful!
P. Ansem

#13 Derby Hippodrome petition

2014-04-14 12:44

DCC want to encourage the night time economy in Derby. If they are serious about this then they should take note of the results of the feasibility study they commisioned and support the trust in their efforts to save this building, as a theatre, for the people of Derby. This saga has been going on for too long and all this time Derby has been without a suitable theatre for popular touring productions and the people of Derby have been reliant on places like Nottingham and Leicester for their cultural fulfilment. I am no expert on costings for renovation or new build but I'm convinced that building a new theatre (that's if DCC ever got round to that)would be significantly more expensive appart from which, this is a grade II listed building that DCC have duty to protect. The loss of this theatre would be a crying shame for Derby. The loss of yet another listed building with significant architectual intrest (We have lost so much over recent years), would be no less of a shame and yet another blot on a council that seems to do little to protect its heritage.

#14 Re: Hippodrome

2014-04-14 12:51

#12: Council tax payer - Hippodrome 

Very well said. As a grade II listed building, DCC have a duty to protect it which they have failed to do, so far, at every level. Its about time they came clean about their failings and support those who are trying to do what DCC should be doing.

Council tax payer


2014-04-14 15:06

In his Budget the Chancellor announced significant extra funding for the arts! Could our local MPs get involved please?
I agree with other comments about neglect by City Council. I have lived in Derby for 37 years. That area of Derby was extremely run down then. Derby has a rich and diverse heritage but in all my time here, I feel it has been disregarded.



2014-04-14 15:54

The hippodrome should be saved and put back to how it was, a wonderfull theater,All other cities have old buildings like the hippodrome and fill them with concerts and west end type shows. I cant understand why the council cant or wont see what the Hippodrome could do for Derby and the money it could bring into the city,They say they want to tidy up the Lanes to bring people into town but but they dont seem to understand that having the Hippodrome put back to how it was could bring even more people to the area and more money into derby



2014-04-14 16:30

This site needs cleaning up now and bringing back to life: it is a beautiful building.

#18 Hippodrome. Assembly Rooms and Velodrome

2014-04-16 09:11

Time for Derby City Council to do a rethink on its provision of theatre/covered event space - and include the Hippodrome. It now appears to have more of a future than the Assembly Rooms!



2014-04-17 12:54

This building is an important part of the Derby Heritage and must be preserved.



2014-04-17 16:42

this building needs saveing as lots have all ready seid it is a listed building.



2014-04-17 17:44

Derby separately needs a new theatre, particularly now the Assembly Rooms are likely to be demolished (not that they were particularly suitable for any shows anyway). Instead of rebuilding, the Hippodrome, refurbished, would be an ideal venue.



2014-04-17 18:49

It is important that we act quickly to save this important building.So much of old Derby has been lost and it will provide an important and interesting cultural venue for everyone across the City



2014-04-18 09:23

Derby needs good performing spaces even more now that the Assembly Rooms have gone.



2014-04-18 09:52

It is appalling that this has been left to drag on for so many years.
As regular visitors to Derby for the past 40 years, we notice how much Derby's environment has improved recently. Derby desperately needs a venue like this to continue this improvement.



2014-04-18 12:58

Disappointing that the City Council appear to be so uninterested - what do they propose for this appallingly neglected, historic quarter? I think we should all be told!!

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