Guardian Pass for accompanying minors to DBRC pool and Siena Pool

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2014-06-03 15:48

Is ridiculous rules , the staff are not awared of the regulations .HKR monopoly all the charges fr busses ,ferries, club members fees .


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2014-06-04 01:15

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 We should consider a petition against HKR to be fair. The monopoly they hold is actually unconstitutional. The problem in DB is thjere are alot of folks on expat packages, so they pay for squat, hence they dont care.



2014-06-04 06:45

c'mon DBRC, stop grabbing for $ and concentrate on providing decent services!



2014-06-07 23:55

should allow helper to get into pool at free of charge to watch the safety of kids, meanwhile put more unti silpper mat on the floor. The safety guard should not fall asleep during the duty hours.



2014-06-11 02:21

My 7 year old son would not have seen his 3rd birthday had I not been paying attention to him at Siena Pool 5 years ago. The lifeguard who was closer to him than me didn't even look up from his phone. I dashed the 10 meters or so and grabbed him out...why are there lifeguards on duty if they're not actually required to 'guard' the pool?

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2021-02-06 14:11

I understand your indignation. My city also began to use a bans strategy due to panic. Many public pools have been closed, including a winter outdoor pool for swimmers to train. I have always preferred this option because they used special robots to clean the pool. This allowed not to use chemicals and decide the falling frog problem. I am tired of being out of active training as it badly affects my well-being. I don't have a large swimming pool at home ((