5D Mark III (3D, 6D) Demands

B.J. Williams

/ #12 Other longstanding problems

2011-03-07 08:39

I know that Canon will up the megapixel count, but hopefully to no more than 24 MP. As I told the Canon salesman when I bought the 5D2, I would give up three megapixel for every 1 EV of increased dynamic range. That goes up to five MP for the next version. This is a camera, after all, that's used far more often for landscapes, low light photography and architecture than it is for sports.

Here's another gripe, and I'm surprised it's not in the petition. Why in hell is setting white balance still an ungodly complicated process? I can't be that much of an engineering challenge to develop a system whereby you set white balance to "custom," take a picture with an 18 percent gray card in the middle 25 percent of the frame and the camera--without demanding that you jump through a buch of additional hoops--automatically uses that first shot as the white balance reference until you change the setting.

And where, after all these years of photographer pleading and bellyaching, is the external physical control for mirror lockup? That's a significant feature on a camera with this mission, and it's still nowhere to be found--and there's the ultimate proof that Canon doesn't listen to its customers.

And just because I can wish. The three custom modes are one of the best things about the camera. For once somebody at Canon was thinking not just about solving technological problems, but about how a photographer actually uses a camera. (Even Ken Rockwell loves Canon's custom modes.) So Canon, get rid of the two idiot modes which barely belong on a Rebel and give us two more custom modes.