5D Mark III (3D, 6D) Demands

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Dennis Gusev


2011-02-11 13:45

Canon MUST STOP SUCKING our money and provide some value at last!
Michal Lindner


2011-02-11 14:58

exactly what I expect from my new camera (for now)
canonsucks canonsucks

#3 Canon cant

2011-02-12 16:51

They just keep blowing it some how ,after the mk4 looser ,I was just over it!! so I switched to Nikon and Sony ..Sony will be king soon!!
Brett Clements

#4 Canon 5DMIII

2011-02-13 00:41

So politically incorrect - but so right
Jose Cravo

#5 5D mk2 sucks

2011-02-13 04:05

Metering problem, flash old generation, limited focus point, 3 fps, and a lot of other bullshits ok it has 21 mpx, o cares?
Shawn Moore

#6 AUTO iso

2011-02-17 23:14

How about a auto ISO in manual mode. the only mode that auto ISO matters.

#7 Re: 5D mk2 sucks

2011-02-20 19:28

#5: Jose Cravo - 5D mk2 sucks

Still using my 5D classic because key features on the mkII are not a compelling upgrade. Canon, give me a reason to buy a new body this time.

José Teixeira


2011-02-21 21:00

and fast!
Md Fal


2011-02-22 07:17

5D Mark III already. What's with the long wait !? Nikon is out with the D800!! The 5D Mark III better kill the Nikon!!
Sid Senanayake

#10 Hurry up with innovation

2011-02-23 12:43

Canon can't afford to keep slipping.
Robert Copp

#11 Long in coming. Enditrely necessary - but should not have been necessary - just look at the competit

2011-03-07 05:28

It is unbelievable that Canon should have made such poor and uninformed choices. Just look at the competition! Where ARE your brains? If you don't square away soon, I hope I am not too late to unload my Canon stuff and go to Nikon...after 45 years of Canon. I could kick you guys for what you've done to us.
B.J. Williams

#12 Other longstanding problems

2011-03-07 08:39

I know that Canon will up the megapixel count, but hopefully to no more than 24 MP. As I told the Canon salesman when I bought the 5D2, I would give up three megapixel for every 1 EV of increased dynamic range. That goes up to five MP for the next version. This is a camera, after all, that's used far more often for landscapes, low light photography and architecture than it is for sports.

Here's another gripe, and I'm surprised it's not in the petition. Why in hell is setting white balance still an ungodly complicated process? I can't be that much of an engineering challenge to develop a system whereby you set white balance to "custom," take a picture with an 18 percent gray card in the middle 25 percent of the frame and the camera--without demanding that you jump through a buch of additional hoops--automatically uses that first shot as the white balance reference until you change the setting.

And where, after all these years of photographer pleading and bellyaching, is the external physical control for mirror lockup? That's a significant feature on a camera with this mission, and it's still nowhere to be found--and there's the ultimate proof that Canon doesn't listen to its customers.

And just because I can wish. The three custom modes are one of the best things about the camera. For once somebody at Canon was thinking not just about solving technological problems, but about how a photographer actually uses a camera. (Even Ken Rockwell loves Canon's custom modes.) So Canon, get rid of the two idiot modes which barely belong on a Rebel and give us two more custom modes.
Bob Copp

#13 I need a new camera

2011-03-08 03:11

I need a new, full frame camera, and I need it now. But I'm sure as hell not going to buy a 5DII with its sorry focusing, weird live view video, and inability to sync much above 1/160 sec., even though I'm a Canon guy for 45 years! GIVE ME A CAMERA I CAN USE!

#14 Re: Re: 5D mk2 sucks

2011-03-08 21:17

#7: Guest - Re: 5D mk2 sucks

I too still use the (great for its time) 5D, but do want to upgrade to the newest technology.

Unfortunately, the mk2 was all about video, with too few new still camera features to warrant an upgrade.

If the mk3 isn't an awesome still camera, I'll have no choice but to switch to Nikon or Sony (which I REALLY don't want to do because of all the canon glass I'll have to sell.)

Yeung Caeb

#15 Please BETTER D800

2011-03-14 11:23

Please better D800 this time. MUST us AF up to f8 or better.MUST lower noise than D4. MUST price ($2999, $2899 street) or lower.
PUT other 7D new features in it and lower MP to 12MP or so and use D7000 pixel, canon! This time do better.

#16 Just freaking make this camera already

2011-03-15 18:27

Get a Canon 7D add the following:
Full frame 21-24MP sensor, better noise handling (+2 stops), 1/1000 sync (at least make 1/250 work), IR Controller for flash, HSS in slave mode, GPS built in, AUTO ISO (like Leica) that works in M, AV and TV modes !

Goodies I do not mind having:
Better audio controls for video, increased frame rates for 1080p and 24f/sec, viewfinder cover, built in intervalometer, built in multi exposure, SD/CF dual card slots, photo comments/tagging, comes with 24-70 L IS II f2.8 or with 24-120 L f/4

For all of the above (sans the lenses) I do not mind paying $2500-$3000

I believe the next D800 will be very close to the above specs, so I am not asking too much.
Think for a minute

#17 Where's the common sense?

2011-03-27 16:52

Who writes this garbage? If you were working at Canon and got this as mail, it would go straight to the recycle bin or shredder... or maybe wipe your ass with it in the bathroom. I doubt it would even get through the spam filter if it was by email.

You have a suggestion, do it the right way without degrading language. If I got this, I'd mark all the people who signed it as complete morons and hope my gear wasn't being used by them as I'd be ashamed.

Sure, Canon needs to step it up a bit... like they did with the 7D which was better than any other competitor camera in its class. Hopefully the 5D MKIII does the same. But this isn't the way to do it.
Defender of the Faith

#18 Re: Where's the common sense?

2011-04-22 14:42

#17: Think for a minute - Where's the common sense?

@Think for a minute.  You are obviously a humorless twerp.  Please take your wagging finger and shove it up your ass, where it will keep your head company.



2011-06-21 21:03

canon noise performance at high iso setting is just disappointing compared to nikon.

#20 canon noise performance vs nikon

2011-06-21 21:06

canon noise performance just disappointing compared to nikon. if the aspired canon 5d mark III/6d not addressing this matter, i'll sell my canon gears and move to nikon.



2012-01-03 12:33

Kick Nikon's ass with atleast something!



2012-01-09 08:19

first ! relese 5D markIII / 18MP(lower noise) ,WDR better D7000 nikon , auto focus in movie , up to 20 frame for 1 location auto shot under to over exposure and extract 1 file HDR picture .jpg and .cr2 file